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Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Glass is Half Full

After Bringing It six days a week for a four-week rotation of Slim Series and being very attentive to my diet, my waist measurement is right where it was the day I started the program, at a stubborn 27 inches. In fact, my waist was 27" when I completed round 1 of P90X. And it was also 27 inches when I completed round 2 of the same program. It almost seems that this number follows me along no matter where I go!

Go away, I say!

On second thought, judging from my overall results, I guess 27 must be my lucky number!

I won't lie to you--when it comes to my waist, I have an ideal number in my head: 26. While at the start of each program I strive for a smaller waistline, the truth is, I really don't sweat it all that much. I don't want my waist dream to prevent me from noticing and celebrating my progress elsewhere.

Unfortunately, too many folks tend to look at their inches lost not as a measure of how far they have come, but as a measure of how far they are from where they want to be. How can you not become disheartened if you're always looking at the glass as half-empty?

Focusing on what you have accomplished--however small the changes in your body--, instead of focusing on what still remains to be done, will make you a much happier camper and will help you stay the course.

Keep the larger picture in mind: a 1/4 inch here and a pound there add up over time. Just as you cannot open up a savings account with a dollar and expect to be rich in 2 months, you cannot expect to be thin or ripped in just a few weeks. Measurable gains take time.

Focus on Bringing it, on making small gains (muscles) and small losses (pounds), and for Pete's sake, celebrate them! Your glass if half-full, baby!

I'll drink to that! Now Bring it!



pebs said...

Thanks for the reminder that the little numbers add up to big numbers over time. I still don't have my eating perfected but make progress with better choices more often than not - like you said, the glass is half full. I'm still working it with Tony 6 days a week with P90MS and reading/lurking on your thread. You're doing great things!

Coach Barbie said...

Pebs! I was JUST thinking about you and how I haven't seen you post in a while. hi!!! You're a work in progress, baby! Keep it up! You'll get the eating right! barbie said...


just today i was in the church bathroom and looked at my thighs and said to myself "girl these things have come a long way!!!

i get tripped up by other stuff that i dont appreciate what i have accomplished RIGHT now..

celebrate the little things

Jim said...

"Just as you cannot open up a savings account with a dollar and expect to be rich in 2 months, you cannot expect to be thin or ripped in just a few weeks."

What !??! I Can't ?? Awww shucky darn.

Very well put Barbie! I have to continually remind myself of this every week! (Certain bad habits take longer to modify than others!)

It just dawned on me, how I usually do look at any other aspect of life from that aspect - The Glass is Always Half FULL -,

But when it comes to my progress with my fitness goals, how easy it is to become the critic.

So I shall raise a class and TOAST! To the Glass as being Half FULL! ALWAYS

Coach Barbie said...


I wrote the word ripped with you in mind. I remember you saying how you were somewhat disappointed when you took your final measurements after Slim in 6. See, Jim, you're special. ;)


Jim said...

Why Thank you Barbie - I feel honored! :)

And actually just to clarify, I wasn't "disappointed" per say.

I was tickled pink and absolutely happy with the 15lb and 17" loss from my body. (Glass run'eth-over)

It was my 'expectation' of thinking I could have 'ripped abs' in 6 weeks that was annoying / disappointing (glass half empty). But I have since learned to accept as un-realistic.
All in due time! (Glass Half Full again!) :)

Like you say:

Change is a Process!

And thank goodness I'm still alive and able to make a change! :)

Coach Barbie said...

Thanks for clarifying, jim. And yes, ALL IN DUE TIME! IT WILL HAPPEN!


Lisa said...

Barbie, What a great post! I'm midway through my 2nd week of P90X and, just this morning, started thinking I should be seeing more results. Silly rabbit. I have come so far since January 1 and I know I will get much farther after 90 days, and then another 90, etc. It's a journey and my glass is half full! BTW thanks for the shout out on SlimSpot. Still can't post. Boo hoo. I'm hopeful it will be resolved soon. Great job finishing up Slim Series. You look awesome!

Coach Barbie said...

Yup, yup, Lisa! We have to be patient! I'm totally with you, I also get a little antsy and want to see results right away! But, they will happen!!! Just be patient!

Mandy said...

Hey Barbie!
Thanks for the reminder to celebrate the little changes. :D
I've lost 3 lbs in the first 3 weeks of SS, which means I'm right on track (think tortoise!)! Also, as I was going through my massive pile of clothes this weekend, I found a couple old bathing suits (1 pc of course) and although the elastic was worn on one, it didn't look half bad on me! I may actually go swimming a few times this year! How exciting! :D

Coach Barbie said...

Wow, Mandy!! I'll drink to that--wearing a bathing suit again!

Anonymous said...

Barbie, it occurred to me that a more athletic body has VERY narrow hips, and a STRONGER CORE, so it may not get as teeny tiny as your ideal is, but your body overall is HAWT and I really don't think a 26" waist is that important! Just my thoughts!


Coach Barbie said...

Thanks, Rosa! I think you're right. My hips are small now and my saddle bag area keeps shrinking but not my waist. My stomach is getting tighter and fitter, but just not smaller.

In fact, it was 27.5 inches this morning.


Thanks, Rosa, for the encouragement!!

love, barbie