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Sunday, March 21, 2010

RESET: I have a new blog!!!

Dear Boys and Girls,

Please go to my new blog space:

I'm in the process of decorating, please move with me!!!

Barbie, PhD

Friday, March 19, 2010

Passion and Freedom


Dear Boys and Girls,

It's ironic that I feel the need to blog about passion and freedom while being dead tired tonight. But I just have to share.

Yesterday I achieved a dream that had never really been a dream prior to, um, maybe last month: I became a Five Star Diamond Coach. It was never my intention to grow a business. I distinctly remember the night I called my coach to tell him that I wanted to coach, but asked him to please never talk to me about the business. I wasn't interested in making money. Somehow, in my mind, doing what I love and getting paid for it, conflicted with each other.

I just did what I did and, organically, coaching just sort of grew into this "thing." Ya, it's totally awesome that I am able to earn a living, a real living, helping other people get fit without feeling like I'm hustling. I felt this incredible sense of freedom this evening as I treated myself to a pair of shoes at DSW. Yea, they were only 49.99, but I don't know, something about not having to worry if I'd break the bank if I bought these shoes gave me an incredible sense of freedom and comfort.

Lately, more and more folks have been reaching out to me to sign up as coaches, not because they're hungry for money, but because the idea of doing something that they love and being able to earn an income doing it speaks to them. This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with two incredible women. The first was my very own life coach, Mary Coussons-Read, who recently decided to become a coach on my team. Her mission? To help women be fit in their forties! You can check out her blog at I also spoke with Gwen, a BB customer, mom, and triathlete who wants to combine her personal training experience along with BeachBody. Her true passion? To help young girls improve their self esteem and get fit "from the inside out."

I guess what I'm getting at is that being a coach has allowed me to wear a hat that I never even dreamed of. I simply wanted to inspire and help people get fit. But being a successful coach is affording me the opportunity to help other men and women pursue and achieve their dreams and life passions within and beyond the realm of fitness. Now, that, boys and girls, is indescribably cool.

Barbie, PhD

Thursday, March 18, 2010

After Hawaii, After the Cleanse, Real Life

Dear Boys and Girls,

I was about to say that I "survived" the Shakeology 3-day cleanse, but really, it didn't feel like a struggle at all. This morning I woke up "back to normal," six pounds lighter or the same weight as before my trip.

When people write to me asking me about the Slimming 2-day formula, I tell them that I've done it, but that afterwards, I felt as if I wanted to eat everything in sight. Part of me was a little afraid of that happening this time. Maybe because I was aware of it, it didn't happen.

This morning, yes, I woke up hungry, but I felt ready to eat clean. Oatmeal, with a touch of peanut butter, egg whites on the side: YUM!

Snack: same ol' thing: 2 rice cakes with almond butter. Yummmm!!

Lunch: I actually had a Shakeology shake as a meal replacement because my fridge was empty and I didn't feel like eating out.

After work, I rushed to the supermarket and stocked up my fridge.

Dinner? Darn, I should have taken a picture. It was pretty! I had colorful peppers sauteed in a touch of spray olive oil, chicken breast (about 6 oz), onions, Mrs. Dash, and a bit of almond milk ( I was pretending it was coconut). I also had 1/2 a sweet potato since I'll be doing weight training in about an hour.

Hawaii was beautiful. I miss my boyfriend who is staying there longer to build his team. But I'm glad to be back to my normal life.

There's no place like home.

Barbie, PhD

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3 of the Shakeology Cleanse

Dear Boys and Girls,

It's 9pm. I'm totally fried after having had an amazingly productive and exciting day. I woke up super excited about starting an email series for coaches on my team. I had so much to do today that I hardly had time to think about the fact that I was on a Shakeology "cleanse."

So: How'd it go?

To be honest, it was great to not have to think about cooking and real eating for three days. There wasn't any food in my fridge either. Yup, I made my own salad from the local deli (it was surprisingly good) and had it for dinner three days in a row.

I feel great. Unlike the 2-day Slimming Fast, I felt energetic while doing the Shakeology cleanse. Getting through my workout was tough last night and today, I skipped cardio. But that's okay, my body probably needed the break.

Tomorrow I get back to super duper clean eating and my regularly scheduled workouts. I'm ready for "real foods," meaning, egg whites, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, fish, veggies, and chicken.

It really is crazy how I felt my body getting used to Bubba Burgers. How very easily we can stray? Ain't that something.

But, Barbie's back, refocused. Determined. Ready.

And now, off to walk the dogs.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream Vacation: 12 Days and Four Pounds Heavier

Dear Boys and Girls,

I just got back from the Top Coach Trip to Kauai, Hawaii where I spent 12 days...and where any and all eating clean rules were broken. No wait, I should say, where I broke any and all clean eating clean rules I had ever set for myself.

This blog post is not about beating myself up for having a glass of wine with dinner or an occasional lava flow (pina colada with strawberry puree. Omg, can you say calories and sugar galore?).

Really, I'm not trying to beat myself up, but I do wonder why it's so hard to stop at the first dish or two of naughtiness. Eating clean makes you feel good and energetic. Looking fantabulous in a bikini gives you confidence. There really is nothing like it.

Yet, after day 2, after partaking in the desserts (oh, my, were they amaaaaaazing) and sweet potato salad, along with six other dishes in one sitting, I once again experienced the feeling of being a potato on two sticks.

Hmm, I am human after all. Isn't that nice? It is, but how annoying?! I know you're all saying, "Oh, Barbie, you've worked so hard, you deserved it!" I know! I know! I did! And I enjoyed it! But, like so many other people, I found it hard to stop at the first few bites. One day of sinful indulging turned into two and three and four...

To my credit, I didn't have multiple drinks on any given night. My conscience wouldn't let me. I often opted for a glass of red wine instead of the mai tai my heart desired. So, i did exercise SOME self control. Wait, no one was keeping count but me. My belly felt like it was expanding with every passing day, and it was, the scale proved it, and the mirror didn't lie.

But it's just interesting, all of it, how or minds feel guilty when we splurge, how our bodies don't feel great when we overeat, and how quickly our bodies can soften.

Kauai, Hawaii was absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking. But, honestly, I'm glad to be back. I am a fan of order, of structure.

I'm not a big fan of doing cleanses, but after 12 days of feeling and being "off track," I gladly embraced the Shakeology fast posted on BeachBody's nutrition expert, Steve Edward's blog:

Three Shakeology during the day, followed by a sensible salad for dinner with 4 ounces of chicken for three days.

For some reason, it just felt right. I wanted to give my body a break from all the cooking and eating and crunching and drinking.

Day 2 down. I feel good. Better.

Oh, how I wish I were, um, non-human sometimes. How I wish I could be perfect and come back from vacation feeling light and airy.

Instead, like so many others, I feel like a farm animal, ready for change.

But, not for long. Bring it!
Barbie, PhD

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some Wins are Disguised as Losses

View the Finalists

Dear Boys and Girls,

On Sunday night I went to sleep at 10pm, when I heard Jason call from downstairs: "It's up!" He was referring to the Grand Finale Announcement.

I had zero doubt in my mind that I would be a finalist. So: when my name and image did not show up on the screen for the Women's age 30-39 category, I was surprised, disappointed, yea, okay, maybe even completely and totally shocked.

Congratulations to all the Grand Finalists! You have overcome so much and have a unique story to share. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I hope you continue to make change and touch as many lives as possible.

I spent most of Tuesday crying, not because I did not win, but because I was overwhelmed by the comments on my facebook page, the emails, the phone calls, and the love in this house.

I may not have been a finalist, but I AM a winner.

Being CHOSEN as a finalist was out of my control. Achieving my goal of ELITE FITNESS was not. I achieved my goal of 12% body fat, have touched and continue to touch so many lives, and omg, have you seen my body??! I have honestly surpassed my hopes and expectations. I look at the women in Oxygen Magazine and can't believe that I look like many of them. Talk about a dream! I have achieved it!

So: what changes after having "lost"?

Okay, so, I won't receive the $5,000 for being a finalist. It never was and will never be about the money. And this is not a post about coaching, but thanks to the coaching opportunity, let's just say (and I promise I say that with modesty and gratitude!) that I can earn that in just a couple of weeks.

And I won't be recognized on stage. I have to admit, as I trained like a horse the past six months, I kept visualizing myself winning on stage. So, yes, maybe the recognition part is the part that stings the most. But wait, have I not already been recognized? There isn't a single day that goes by where I don't receive an email from someone who tells me that I have helped changed their lives. Boys and girls, THAT IS WHAT MATTERS.


I won't be defined by an event, a decision that was out of my control. Remember: we have the power to design our destinies. I will continue to train with intensity because it brings me joy and I will continue to share my journey with others.

Now on with the ride!

Barbie, PhD

Friday, February 26, 2010

Confetti Not Necessary

Dear Boys and Girls,

While we waited last evening for midnight to arrive, in hopes of hearing who the Finalists for the 2009 Million Dollar Body Game would be, Jason said, "You could cut the air with a knife."

So true. I was filled, and still am, with anticipation.

We just got word from contest officials at BeachBody: the big announcement has been postponed until Monday. And so, we must wait.

Okay, so I can relax. The knot in my stomach went away. I guess I'm used to waiting. Don't get me wrong, I so want to know!! But, along this journey I've learned to be patient, patient with my results, patient with my coaching business. And truly, as I wrote the other day, win or lose, I have already won.

Over the past few days I've noticed that my results seem to be getting better and better. My legs are getting more muscular (not bulky) and I'm feeling more at home in my new body. I know it's ridiculous that I thought that maybe my results would vanish over night. But aren't most of our fears irrational anyway?

Without the pressure of getting contest ready, I've relaxed into my routine of fitness and clean eating. I just eat when it's time and press play six times a week without bells and whistle. Now that I think about it, I think for a moment I felt as if I were doing something wrong. Shouldn't I be obsessed and razor sharp focused all the time?!!

Oh, wow, and here I thought I had nothing to blog about. No bells and whistles, just a normal lifestyle of eating clean and pressing play. I think I can deal with that.

Bring it, people. Confetti not necessary.

Barbie, PhD