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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Judy's Jaw-Dropping BeachBody Success Story

I love Judy's "just for fun" progress pics because they embody the inside-and-out kind of transformation that accompanies what was initially only a weight-loss and fitness journey. I coach Judy, but up until yesterday I had no idea what she looked like, before or now. From her emails I was able to gather that she is one committed cookie, embracing fitness and life.

As I scrolled down my message board, Barbie's Slim Spot, and found these fun pics, I smiled. When I scrolled down further to find her step by step transformation, I felt my eyes welling up as they are now.

This was Judy in May 2005:

Here she is at different points in her journey:

And this is Judy today:

Wow. I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and joy. Thank you for choosing me to be your coach, Judy. Girl, soon, we're gonna have to get you a Microkitten bikini!

So, how'd she do it? That's what I wanted to know, too, since I only recently became her coach. Here's what she wrote to me in an email:

"I started WW on May 5, 2005 and made my goal weight in Nov 2007. My exercise started with walking for the first few months, I then took an exercise class (which used resistance bands hand weights and an exercise ball) at the local school 2 days a week. After that began to get to easy I added in Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser Videos (Cardio and Hand weights 3-5 pounds). After that I moved on to The Transformer Inclined Stair stepper from The Firm which increased my hand weights to 5-10 pounds. After awhile I wanted something different and that is when I started with Debbies Slim n 6 and Slim Series, which was around Feb of 2007. I intermixed all of my programs and alternated them out. I never followed a complete series of Debbies videos until recently, when I asked you to be my coach. After seeing your amazing results is when I decided to just focus with Debbies DVDs. AND I WISH I WOULD HAVE SOONER. I am noticing my but firming and lifting and getting better abdominal muscles. My jeans are getting looser!!! On my way to a better body, the beach body way!!"

Goodness, am I an emotional mess today or what? I just want to get up and shout BRING IT at the top of my lungs!!

Judy's email underscores a point that I am always trying to make and that I think many people often fail to realize: Change is a process, one that takes a lot of work. Whether you're looking to lose 80 pounds or are after a six-pack (which I still don't have! grr!), you gotta be willing to put in the work.

Anything worth doing takes time. Judy, THANK YOU, for sharing your pictures and story with us. I am extremely honored to know you.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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