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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Emily's Smoking Hot Journey: a P90X Success Story

It's my pleasure to present Emily's success story. Work it, girl!

Still have any doubts that BeachBody programs work?!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD


In response to my question, "Why do you want to coach?" Emily wrote:

Ultimately, I wanted to get back into what I loved and that was to teach TaeKwonDo. Back in the hey day of my training, I remembered having that sense of accomplishment knowing I was helping an extremely shy student blossom into a confident person they never knew they were. I used to be one of them and kept those who helped me close to my heart and am grateful for their passion in life.

I was approached early on by numerous coaches and told that I had an infectious attitude that motivated others to continue pushing play when they felt their progress was taking a bit longer than they hoped for. Honestly, I wasn't ready at the time and wanted to work on myself first before committing to helping others. I had my doubts and fears believing that I really didn't know what I was doing. As I continued to lose weight, I tried my best to dodge the coaching bullet as I was content not having what I sensed was a huge responsibility.

As a participant on the Single Xers thread, I soon realized that if I ever wanted to teach martial arts, the same principles and philosophy applied in both areas. I've had my share of encouragements from amazing people who've been where I've been. Now is the time for me to step up to the plate and help those who need that extra push of motivation, inspiration, and compassion for their fitness journey.


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