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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hanging With the Boys

Dear Boys and Girls,

I've never been an athlete, nor have I ever been a girl to hang with the boys, especially not when it came to sports. I guess BeachBody changes you in more ways than one. That's a great thing.

During Tony's beach workout last Sunday, I was determined to climb the 25 foot rope that I had previously been unable to climb. It felt great! And of course I had to strike a pose for the camera once I reached the top!

I love that a few videos that helped me lose weight also changed the way I think about myself and the activities I now enjoy.

Another great thing about the BeachBody experience is the amazing people I have had the opportunity to meet. The man in the red tank top is, of course, Tony Horton. The upside down rope climber is my boyfriend Jason. The rock star in the green is his childhood friend, Jeffrey Ambruster, who thanks to Jason, discovered P90X and lost 45 lbs and changed his life, too.

Life is good, what can I say.

Over and out!

Your friend in fitness,

Barbie, PhD


~* Coach Tiff *~ said...

Wow girl. That's awesome. Can't believe TH and others are so accessible and you just get to randomly hang out with them. So surreal! What's it like at HQ by the way? What would happen if someone like me just walked in?

Coach Barbie, PhD said...

I'll do a blog post about my BB HQ visit. You can call and make an appointment for a visit. They truly are awesome.

Anonymous said...

If you watch Seinfeld, in one episode, George is obsessed with how "cool" Elaine's boyfriend is. I forget the guy's name, but he was a former VJ on MTV. Anyway, I have such a man-crush on TH and think he is the coolest person on the planet. I can't believe that he is so accessible too. I want to go to CA just to meet him. The man is such an inspiration.

Coach Barbie, PhD said...

It's totally ok to have a man crush on Tony. I think all men do. And if they don't, they should. He's pretty inspiring and super duper duper fit at 50!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reassurance Barbie. My wife thinks I might leave her for Tony if I ever met him. I can't get over at down to earth he really seems. I'm so jealous, yet happy for you, that you've met him several times before.

By the way, I really enjoy your blog. It's fun reading your info and your transformation has been inspiring.



Coach Barbie, PhD said...

lol and Thanks, Adam!

Tony is holding three fitness camps this year. Maybe you and your wife can come!