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Friday, October 23, 2009

My Meal Plan

This is not me. Not yet.

Dear Boys and Girls,

I have received several emails today asking for me to post my meal plan. This is a personalized meal plan that I got from a personal trainer that I reached out to last month. She is the one that suggested I do six days of cardio and four days of resistance.

No joke, my meals are simple, probably a little too plain and boring for most folks. I am totally okay with eating these same meals day in and day out, FOR NOW. I am not someone that needs a lot of variety, so I don't mind eating veggies & hummus for every second snack. And yum, I am enjoying the rice cakes with almond butter! I do vary my lunch and dinner by eating different kinds of veggies and protein. Also, remember, I have a very specific goal in mind: I want to get in the VERY BEST possible shape and drop down to about 14% body fat by December 2009.

I don't think it's necessary to eat this plainly and boring in order to lose weight or get fit. But, since I want a six pac, I'm willing to do what it takes.

Bring it!
Barbie, PhD

p.s. I work out hard, eat every 2-3 hours, and don't need to count calories at this point.


Barbie's Super Duper Clean Eating Meal Plan

Meal 1: 7am

½ c oats

4-6 egg whites

Meal 2 9:30am

2 rice cakes

1 tsp almond butter on each

Meal 3 12pm

4-6 oz lean ground turkey

1-2 c veggies

½ sweet potato

Meal 4 230pm

2 c veggies

1 tbsp hummus

Meal 5 5pm

Small salad

4-6 oz grilled chicken breast

Vinaigrette dressing if needed

Meal 6 730 pm

4-6 oz tilapia, ground turkey or bison (choose 1)

2 c veggies

Meal 7 before bedtime (no later than 10pm)

1 scoop 100% whey protein with h2o

*Pre workout: apple 30 minutes before.

*Post workout

1 scoop shakeology with h2o. I know I could use a recovery drink, but I like having my Shakeology post workout. I add the berry flavored Results Formula with Creatine by BeachBody.


ActiVit multivitamin

Core cal-mag

128 oz h2o


Coach Barbie, PhD said...

I try my best to get my water in, but I don't think I drink 128 ounces. I try!

screwdestiny said...

Sounds...yeah, pretty boring. But obviously it's working for you. I can stick to a plan like that for like, a week before I go crazy and am like, "Ahh, I need flavor!"

MAJL said...

Thanks! Helps me to figure out food quantity. I dont think it's boring at all; we've gotten so used to adding crap to healthy food that we need to get back to basics, i.e how can a salad end up being 1200 calories??!?! The salad has been hijacked by fastfood and restaurant chains! I found Tosca's cooler 1 was too hardcore for me since I do a lot of cardio. I'm starting on Monday.

simpmomi said...

thanks for posting that! I love rice cakes with almond butter too.

Coach Kai said...

This looks a little like Cooler1 in the Eat Clean book..these checklists might help you guys

Ames said...

thanks Barbie! Makes me realize, must up my veggie intake!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I've added a scoop of whey to my snacks. My metabolism is revvvvved up and I need the cals! Listen to ur body. Barbie