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Monday, November 23, 2009

Stacy's BeachBody Success: Change is Most Definitely a Process!

Dear Boys and Girls,

With Stacy's permission, I'm sharing and gloating about her success. I asked her if I could use her email and pics because she truly shows that CHANGE IS A PROCESS!!! Persistence is key.

Congrats, girl, and KEEP GOING!!



Hey Barbie-

Hope all is well. I wanted to share with you my 90 day stats with my second round of CLX...I can't believe it myself. I've also attached before and after pics (not much diffference between day 60-after fall2009 and day 90 results pics).

Start (took what I accomplished after round 1 of CLX- which was 7 mths prior)
Weight 140
Body Fat 14.8%
Waist 27"
HIps 28"
Abductors 38"
Arms 11"
Thighs 20"
Chest 34"

Day 30 (9/26/09)
Weight 138.8
Body Fat 19.6%
Waist 27 1/2"
HIps 38"
Abductors 37"
Arms 11"
Thighs 191/2"
Chest 33"

Day 60 (10/24/09)
Weight 135.2
Body Fat 17.6%
Waist 27"
HIps 37"
Abductors 37 1/2"
Arms 11 1/4"
Thighs 19"
Chest 33"

Day 90 (11/20/09)
Weight 133
Body Fat 13.2%
Waist 27"
Hips 36"
Abductors 37"
Arms 10"
Thighs 19"
Chest 33"

TOTAL= 8.5" lost; 7.4 lbs lost, 6.4% BF lost...YIPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time around the program worked much better and I have to thank you for that for teaching me to eat clean. The shakeology helped a little too:) I also did cardio every if it was a weight day, I'd do either cardio core or turbo jam 20 mins. On the cardio days, I'd sometimes do BIU instead of the intervals. I liked the variety and I kept seeing results so it must have been working:)

I am so happy and I can't wait to see what results I keep getting. My reward for my weight loss is buying the new CLX DVDs. Next week, I'm taking a break from CLX and then I'll start the Extreme for Life 30 day rotation and then not sure. Any suggestions on how to bring it to the next level...want to be leaner and toner, I'd be happy to hear!

I'll be in Tx in a couple of weeks and we'll connect in person then, hopefully. I'm looking forward to meeting you! Stacy

P.S. you look amazing!


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