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Monday, April 28, 2008

My story: I'm too vain to be fat.

June 2007.

I had just finished my PhD after many years of graduate school, gotten through the grief of a divorce and the death of a parent, gone through a rigorous job search and landed a job in a very competitive market. After jumping through what felt like a never-ending line of hoops and hurdles, I felt victorious. Emotionally and mentally, I was in a good place. But when the dust had finally settled, I looked down to find a woman whose body had fallen into a state of disrepair. I was fat. Ugh.

I had joined the gym, but I just wasn't seeing results.

In June, after gaining almost ten pounds, I decided to give the Skarsdale diet a try. Ladies and gentlemen, do not try this at home, unless you want to fall flat on your face. Consuming less than 1000 calories a day, I hardly had any energy to walk my dogs. When I finally threw in the towel after 11 days, I felt a sense of defeat and yes, despair.

I'm too vain to be fat, I thought. But, I just didn't know what to do.

I even considered trying ALLY, that new weight-loss drug, until a friend told me about the, um, unpleasant side effects (involuntary pooping!). I really was at a standstill.

Then one day, I saw my ex-husband and his skinny-jeans-sporting-girlfriend. She used to be fat! Whatever program she had done, whatever diet she had followed, I wanted to do it, too!! Her transformation had been remarkable!

P90X, he said. She had done P90X.

You know I ordered it the very next day. I was on it.

But when I went on the community forums after my package arrived, I read about Slim in 6. The success pictures and the duration of the program--just six weeks--made me feel that I could reach my goal weight sooner than with the X. (I still believe that if you want to drop weight, you should go with Slim in 6 first. Nothing beats Debbie, in my humble opinion, for fat loss.)

I decided to order Slim in 6 and promised myself to conquer the X upon completion.

To be continued....


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Alison&Skye said...

To be continued........???

I was just getting into your story and you drop in a cliffhanger! I'll be back tomorrow to read the rest!

Coach Barbie said...

Gotta keep ya comin' back for more, baby!