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Sunday, April 20, 2008

My very own blog...

Dear Friends (Old and New),

How very exciting--my very own blog! Well, here I am, eight months after having begun my BeachBody journey.

Who would have thought that I really would end up with a beach body? Certainly not I. All I wanted was to fit into my jeans! Today I'm a size 2 and in the very best shape of my life. Where do you go from here, I've been asked. Up, baby! Because it only gets better!

I became a coach in September because as a teacher and as an Aries, I simply felt the pull to share my secrets to success with other folks. But, truth be told, I hold no secrets. The formula is simple in theory: Eat right and exercise regularly, and the results will follow.

Then why do so many people fail, and fail miserably? Why had I failed countless times before? Because a lot of us, most of us, don't know how to create an exercise routine. And a lot of us, most of us, don't know how how to go about eating right. BeachBody has taken all the guess work out of exercising. They've also provided guidelines on how to eat 5 to 6 balanced meals per day so that you lose weight and/or maintain it in a healthy manner.

So, where do I come in, as a coach? I'm here to be your personal cheerleader, to offer you guidance, an occasional or frequent butt-kicking, and help you in the ups and inevitable downs of this journey.

If you'd like me to coach you or if you have any questions regarding pretty much anything related to meeting your fitness goals, write to me at

I'm looking forward to sharing this most awesome journey with you.

With all my respect,



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:) come a long way, huh? :)