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Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 1 of P90X: Ripe with Hope

Good afternoon, Boys and Girls! Happy Monday!

Yes, yes, today was the day. I brought it this morning, Day 1 of P90X, with Chest and Back. Yeah!

I woke up feeling sprightly and so ready to Bring It despite having gone to bed way past my bedtime. I got up, got dressed, made my coffee, got myself a glass of water, set up my bands, put on my heart monitor, set up my workout sheet, and Pressed Play.

I was ready!

Oh, that familiar tune. It was bad-ass music to my ears!

As the red letters reading "BRING IT!" flashed on the screen, I smiled and felt myself get pumped and dare I say, nervous! Yes, even though this is my third round, I felt nervous about the butt-kicking I was about to take!

[I'm realizing, as I write this, that already the X has turned me into a monster! What happened to sweet and gentle Barbie? P90X, what did you do with her?!]

All week I had been anticipating my first of the 90 days to come. In my mind, I saw visions of Barbie doing push-ups galore. Diamond push-ups, standard push-ups, military push-ups, dive-bombers, you name it, I was going for the maximum number of reps.

Well, wouldn't you know it, when I hit the floor for my first set of standard push-ups, I knew right away that I would have to do them on my knees. I was only able to do TWO push-ups on my toes!

Hey, what happened? That wasn't how it happened in my daydreams! All throughout round 2, I had done toe or man-style push-ups and now I physically had no choice but to revert to so-called "girl push-ups."

Did I feel like a failure? No way! When it was all said and done, I had completed 187 push-ups on my knees. Not bad for a girrrrrrl!

When Tony congratulated me after 52 minutes for a job well-done, I turned on the radio and literally did a happy dance. Oh, it was a good dance!

But, oh, no! ...What was that I was hearing? Arghh!!! I had forgotten about the 16 minute Ab-RipperX that follows the Chest and Back workout!

I thought of my coachees, Josh and David, who have ripped abs, and I gave it my all for the duration of the ab-session. I want to be just like them! Was I able to do each of the 25 reps for all 11 exercises? No way! But, I tried my best and that's what counts.

Don't worry, I kept telling myself, soon I'll be adding weights to my ab routine!

I'm after maximum results this time around. I'm not messing around, I'm not holding back. I know if I bring it in the kitchen and leave it all on the mat, each and every time, I'm going to be ripped when Day 90 comes around.




Julie said...

Way to rock, Barbie! I'll get to that P90X yet! But right now I'm so rarin' to start Slim Series. C'mon recovery week, be over already! ;)

spence8 said...

That chest and back workout really is a killer! I remember when I did it for the first time. I think I was able to only do around 5-6 wide grip pull-ups. Now, I am doing about 14! And the push-ups..WOW! SOO many of them!

Great job Barbie!!

Coach Barbie said...

Thanks, Kids!

Julie, you'll be so ready for the X when you're done with Slim Series.

And Josh, I don't have a pull-up bar! But, I'll be using one starting next week! YEAH!