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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 2: Say It Ain't So!

My first thought this morning was: Is Day 2 already here? No, kids, it's not what you think. Day 2 came a little too soon for me. I woke up feeling every fiber of my chest muscles from yesterday's Chest and Back P90X workout. Imagine I hadn't done girl push-ups, I thought to myself, as I stretched out to determine which part of my body didn't feel sore.

As I lay in bed, feeling admittedly more lazy than sore, I debated whether I should opt for an easier workout than Plyometrics, which Tony himself calls "The Mother of All Workouts."

Would choosing, say, CardioX over Plyometrics be a cop-out? In my case, yes. At the start of the Plyo workout, Tony says that if you're not "PlyoX ready," you can always substitute it with CardioX. Was I in all honesty NOT PlyoX Ready? After two rounds of P90X, I am definitely physically ready for the challenge. "Oh, but I am so sore," I said to myself in my whiniest voice.

But whenever thoughts of burgers and mojitos and feelings of laziness creep up on me, I call upon that part of me that wants to achieve extreme results. So, this morning I thought of how I want to look this summer, I thought of Josh's most amazing abs, I thought of my promise to really Bring It this time around, and before I knew it, I was getting dressed.

Did I feel like doing PlyoX? Not really.

Did I do PlyoX this morning? Absolutely.

I admit, my eyes were fixed on the timer pretty much the whole time. It was a tough workout. As I neared the finish line covered in sweat, I felt myself energized. I was smiling.

I'm going for it, Kids. A promise is a promise. Day 2 down. 88 more to go.

Bring it!



PCramer said...

I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog daily. I can really identify with your shared thoughts and feelings even though I am not doing the "X" this round. Great job, Barbie!!

Lisa said...

It's Plyo Barbie! Tony is right...Plyo IS the mother of all workouts. AWESOME job bringing it even with your Chest & Back muscles screaming at you. Go Barbie go!