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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 6: Get it Done

With a day-full of things-to-do ahead of me, I had no time for self-indulgent thoughts and body-scanning-for-soreness type of activities this morning. I shot up, got dressed, warmed up some day-old coffee, and pressed play.

I found myself getting a bit impatient with the 8 minutes or so of stretching before the workout--I was ready to kick some booty today! But, after almost a week full of X-treme workouts, the stretches were most welcome. I really am sore everywhere except for my toes and ears. I love it!

Almost thirty minutes had passed before I looked at the Time Remaining Clock on the screen. That sure was a first! I was just having so much fun with the "hook, upper cut. Hook, upper cut" and the, "In the face, in the gut. In the face in the gut," that I lost track of time.

Given that Kenpo-X is the last workout of the week before my much-deserved Rest Day, I gave it my all. Oh, yes, ladies and gentlemen, Barbie gave it her all today. I left it all on the mat! I didn't just Bring It, I Done Did Brought It today!

With week 1 behind me, I can smile and say, "Great job, Barbie! Day 6 down. 84 more to go!"

Bring it!


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