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Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 5: GI Barbie

The whiny voice in my head must have whined itself out during yesterday's workout, because today it was nowhere in sight. Thank G*d for that, I say!

I opened my eyes this morning so ready to Bring It! Don't you just love it when that happens?

Before starting round 3 of the X, I had decided that I would switch P90X's Legs and Back routine with Debbie's Firm it Up. Why? Well, let's just say that after round 2 of the X, while I was long and lean, my booty had done a disappearing act on me. This would be a dream for most women, but not for me. I'm just not having it--I want my booty back!

So, why did I decide to stick with Tony instead of Debbie? After two rounds, I've learned to trust the process, which means that I know the wonders that P90X can do for our bodies. To get the results I want, I don't have to altogether nix the Legs and Back routine, I just have to intensify my workout and really Bring It.

Boys and girls, my legs and glutes got a beating tooooday! Right before starting my workout, I found myself wishing that Tony would have made this a Legs only workout and that he would have incorporated Back into some other routine. But, after just a few lunges and wall-squats, I was too glad to give my screaming legs a break.

By the time Tony and the kids were congratulating themselves for a job well-done, GI Barbie could be found motionless on the ground, completely beat, but fully elated.

I even had to put the video on pause for a few minutes to give myself a chance to recover before moving on to Ab-ripper X. I admit, I had almost run out of steam. But, not doing it is not an option.

When you're tired, you have to bring in the big guns. So, I decided to bring in Mariah Carey and her latest cd to the rescue.

Mariah sang as Tony and I did 11 ab exercises, 25 reps each. I even did one whole bonus mason twist.

I did it and feel fantastic, although as I write this, I'm wishing for a hammock and a little Caribbean breeze. Oh, Mariah, you are such a diva and have such an influence on me.

Day 5 down. 85 more to go.

Bring it!


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