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Monday, June 16, 2008

Are You Waiting for the Right Time To Get Fit?

The following scenario is typical enough: Jack and Jill enthusiastically embark on a fitness/diet routine by committing to press play and eat clean 6 times a week. But,when life inevitably throws a stressful circumstance their way, they fall off the wagon big time. When I inquire, they tell me that they just can't deal right now, and assure me and themselves that they will "get back into it" as soon as life lets up a bit.

If we wait for the right time to start eating clean and pressing play (yet again), the right time may come, but only to be interrupted by another curve-ball. If we allow ourselves to completely fall off the wagon every time life gets messy (final exams, relationship problems, work-related stress, etc.), we will never build enough momentum to reach our fitness goals.

If you can identify with the above scenario, let me ask you this: How long will you let this cycle continue?

Understandably, during life's difficult moments exercising and eating clean may not be a priority for you. But does hardship and/or a busy life mean that you have to completely abandon the eating clean and bringing it ship?

Just because you can't press play six times a week doesn't mean that you shouldn't press play 3 times a week or that you should eat whatever you want.

When it comes to exercising and eating clean, you don't have to have an all or nothing approach. If you eat poorly one day (or for multiple days), move on, by committing to eat as cleanly as possible the following day. If you miss two or three workouts, commit to pressing play the next day.

Make small, attainable goals (daily or weekly goals vs. monthly goals). Remind yourself that the perfect time will never come. The Time is Now.

Get in touch with your coach or post on the forums for accountability and support. And remember, perfection isn't necessary!

Bring it!



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Barbie. I really needed to hear this.

Anonymous said...

I really like this post, I know in the past that has been the issue for me. I would miss a couple wo's or eat bad for a few days and then just give up.


Anonymous said...

I need the reminder that pressing play at least 3 times a week isn't necessarily "falling off the wagon". -Bree