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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coach Bree. Slow and Steady WIns the Race

Meet Bree, who most recently became a coach to push both her and her coachees' fitness and health to the next level.

Since discovering BeachBody back in September, she's lost 30 lbs and is now going for the last thirty! Bring it, baby!

Bree, Congratulations!! I know you'll make an awesome coach!

Kids, check out Bree's most awesome blog on HEALTH AND NUTRITION. It's full of useful and interesting information on stuff I never get to cover. Check it out and shoot Bree an email if you'd like to choose her as your coach.

Here's her story:

Bree's Personal Bio:
Married, 3 kids, work/school full time.
Masters in Biology
Starting Nursing School Fall 2008.

In her own words:
My last weigh in while I was pregnant with my third child read 222. No big deal, I'm pregnant and it'll come off. Who knew that it's TOUGH!! I got down to 180 something and then quit my full time job to teach part time. For some reason I found myself with more time on my hands that I didn't use wisely. 3.25 years after having baby #3 I was back up to 205 (Sept 2007). YES, UGH, 205!! I was sick of it. So I started Weight Watchers online and did that for a month. I liked it because it taught me how to keep track of my calories, yes I knew how to before but it was easy to do it that way. THEN, I found Beachbody. I had ordered Slim in 6 a while ago but never had "time" to do it. Something clicked and I PUSHED PLAY EVERYDAY. I also met my wonderful, superfabulous, awesome coach Barbie33. HEART YA BABE!! Pushing play and clean eating has gotten me down to 178 (Dec 2007). Yay! I still have a ways to go but it doesn't seem as daunting as before.

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