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Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 33: Lower Body Focus

Looking at this picture in front of us (that I took post workout today), I see now that I was a bit delusional the other day when I concluded that my legs needed trimming and that my abdominals hadn't made any progress over the last 30 days.

They do say hindsight is always twenty-twenty, right? I guess when I was snapping my 30-day progress pictures, I felt the anxiety and doubt that most people feel about their results. Of course, the rational part of me knows that if you bring it in the kitchen and on the mat, you really have nothing to worry about. But, who can be rational all the time? What's even more interesting is that I had to look long and hard to see just where I had made improvements. I said it the other day and I will say it again today: Oh, we humans, we are so darn annoying sometimes!

Since I went to sleep last night thinking that my legs needed more trimming and toning, this morning I decided to switch P90X's Legs & Back with Debbie Siebber's Firm It Up (legs and butt focus) dvd, part of Slim Series, followed by Ten Minute Trainer Abs.

Despite my realization now that my legs are progressing just fine, I'm glad I decided to switch things up today. With P90X, you train your back two times a week (in phase II, with Back and Biceps and then with Legs & Back) and while I absolutely love the X, I wish there would be slightly more focus on the lower body. With so much focus on the upper body, I felt very good about doing Firm It Up today and may decide to repeat this routine for subsequent weeks.

What I love about being so familiar with BeachBody videos is being able to choose a routine that is right for me, both in terms of what my body needs and what my mind feels like doing.

If you've done Debbie's videos, then you know they are no walk in the park. Holy Moly, I was dripping with sweat, dying for those darn leg lifts to be over.

When they finally were, I took a ten-minute break, and really focused on my abs with Tony's Ten Minute Trainer Abs.

I Rocked the House Today, Boys and Girls!

Day 33 down, 57 more to go!


Barbie, PhD

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