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Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 12: Wonder Twins Powers Activate

I spent yesterday feeling a bit under the weather, but today I woke up feeling strong, even if a bit stuffy.

Nazly and I Done Brought it Today with Legs and Back, followed by Tony's Ten Minute Trainer Abs Workout.

It was an AMAZING workout! I was even able to do a total of 6 unassisted pull-ups (2 for each exercise, not all at once!). Towards the end of the legs and back workout, I decided to pop in the Ten Minute Trainer to give Nazly a taste of Tony's latest dvd.

Truly, Tony does not waste a single second. The abs workout was difficult, but not impossible to keep up with. We were, however, both screaming "Mommy!" by the 6th minute. But, it was over before we knew it.

Hip, Hip, Hurray!

Day 12 down. 78 to go!

Bring it!



Coach Barbie said...

Am I allowed to comment on my own blog? Okay, I will! Nice guns, Barbie! Awesome calves, Nazly!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you barb,, I have great calves,,, and your guns are hot ...Nazly...

Coach Barbie said...

OMG! You're too funny! Yes, you do, girl! You were looking H O T at the beach the other day! So proud of you!