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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 18: Get it Done

Meet Ziggy, my Yoga-X companion who normally hides when I do all other P90X workouts.

Nothing to report today, at least nothing exciting. Yoga-X, I got it done. I did not look forward to it, but I also didn't fear it.

I had to mentally commit to getting through the whole thing before I even popped in the dvd, because otherwise, I knew I would probably stop it at minute 50.

The first 30 minutes felt good. The first hour felt okay. The last 30 minutes bored me to death.

Ziggy didn't mind. She even helped me out a bit with proper form by modeling her version of downward facing dog.

Anyway, thank heaven it's over! Thanks, Ziggy.

Day 18 down. 72 more to go.

Bring it!



oryp said...

Aw, i'm so happy Ziggy has been put to some use. She's really good at 1) being in the way 2) sleeping 3) being in the way. i yell at her a lot when i'm trying to work and she steps all over the computer.

i started ramp it up for another 6-week session and today is day 6, and even though it's just ramp it up, i have NO energy. I can't figure out if it's because I don't really like routine and i get bored, or if it's because by day 6, my body is tired, but i CAN'T WAIT for tomorrow when i have a rest day.

Tell Ziggy i love her, and i'm not cheating on her too much with the california cats.

Anonymous said...

Geez Barbie you are really hitting them on the nose this week. I totally was not gonna work out this am cuz hubby and I got home really late and had a falling out with FIL and then hubby got up really early to go fishing so I've had like no sleep AND I had no one to watch kiddos while I worked out cuz I didn't want MIL whining if they got up while I was working out and wanting breakfast. Whew what a mouth full. Even though I didn't bring it 100% I GOT IT DONE! - bree