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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dig Deep: What's Stopping You From Succeeding?

I'm sitting here in front of the computer staring at this image of an iceberg, with no words in front of me, other than the ones I'm typing. Part of me (all of me, actually) wishes that this would be the magic blog entry, the one that will get those who say they want to desperately get off the couch, but "for some reason" can't get up and bring it on the mat and/or in the kitchen, to actually bring it.

At least once a week, I receive an email from someone who finds him or herself in this predicament. They want to change, but can't find the drive to do so. Their state, understandably, is often one of utter frustration and sometimes despair. These individuals are in a different situation than those who say they don't have time to work out. The latter have not come face to face with the excuses they are making. The former know they are making excuses and still cannot seem to do anything about it. And so they write to me.

These emails pain me, not because I mind receiving them (I actually feel honored to have gained someone's trust), but because there are no magic Barbie words. For someone looking for answers, the words I have to share will most probably feel unsatisfactory, insufficient.

I cannot give people the commitment they need to succeed. That, we each have to harness for ourselves. If you're stuck in the mud of inertia, dig deep, and write down all the reasons you want to change and think about how you want to live, how you want to look, and how you want to feel. You've got all the tools you need to succeed--your cheerleader/ass-kicker coach Barbie and the videos that deliver--but now it's up to you to set the wheels of change in motion. I wish I could, but I can't do that for you. Only you have the power to change yourself.

I'm feeling empowered and frustrated at this very moment. I believe in our inherent power to change our bodies, to change our lives for the better. I know this change is possible because I live it and see it everyday. I am back to hoping for some magical force that would help those who are struggling to make it happen, but I know this has nothing to do with the supernatural.

So, with these words I leave you. It's time for me to bring it with Yoga-X.

Abracadabra. Bring it!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful Barbie.
I read this during my floor routine with BIU and now I have the biggest cramp because you inspired me to bring it harder. ouch! - bree

Coach Barbie said...

hahhahah!!! GOOD, I'm a good coach if I know I can make people cramp. :) Proud of you, baby!

oryp said...

it's very dangerous to leave an open-ended question like that, for me i mean. I am resisting, but it's very hard, and i'm gritting my teeth.

Coach Barbie said...

let me guess, k. m'n...