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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 37: Surprise, Surprise!

Would you believe I woke wishing it was Yoga-X day? I was just too tired for PLYO...or so I thought.

I got up, made my coffee, blogged, and pressed play.

What can I say, I surprised myself. My mind thought I was tired, but my body just responded. My brain had no choice but to follow suit, so I leaned into it and brought it good!

As I was doing my workout, I thought: day 37 is already here. Day 60 is just around the corner.

I'm not wasting time; I'm not looking back, wishing I would have done more. I'm getting it done and making it happen TODAY!

Day 37 down, 53 more to go.

Bring it!


p.s. I love the way Plyo drenches you in sweat!

2 comments: said...

girl i got up this AM and did P90X Plyo for the first time and girl i was wore out....

it was off the hook and i cant wait to do ti all over again

Coach Barbie said...

Yea, it is off the hooook!!! It rocks, but it's no joke!