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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stop Wasting Time. Take Action!

"When you take action, you trigger all kinds of things that will inevitably carry you to success. You let those around you know that you are serious in your intention. People wake up and start paying attention. People with similar goals become aligned with you. You begin to learn things from your experience that cannot be learned from listening to others or from reading books. You begin to get feedback about how to do it better, more efficiently, and more quickly. Things that once seemed confusing begin to become clear. Things that once appeared difficult begin to be easier. You begin to attract others who will support and encourage you. All manner of good things begin to flow in your direction once you begin to take action." --Jack Canfield, The Success Principles

Talk is cheap, boys and girls.

Complaining or talking about how you want to change the way you look and feel is not going to get you there. Focusing on how everyone around you seems to be succeeding except you, without you doing anything about it, is also not going to get you there. Mr. Canfield is so right (no wonder he's so succesful!)--if you want something for yourself, you have to make it happen by taking action.

If you're reading this blog and/or are part of the community message boards, it's because you want to do something about your health and fitness. But the wrong frame of mind might be holding you back from getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

If you think that in order to succeed in your fitness journey, you have to have mastered all the moves in the videos or have gotten the meal plan down from the onset, you're setting yourself up for failure. Trust me, just get started, and you will learn as you go.

Get in touch with your coach or choose one that is responsive to your needs and take part in the community forums. There, you will receive the feedback and support that you need to succeed. You will learn that you are not the only one who can't do Debbie's killer lunges, that most everyone hates Yoga-X (and that they sorta learn to like it!), and that it's pretty difficult, but not impossible, to keep your daily fat intake below 30%.

Boys and girls, if you just take action and remind yourself that you are slowly learning how to make better choices with your eating and that you will eventually get better with the different moves, you will make progress.

If you're stuck on the fence, immobilized, you need to ask yourself what you really want and then you need to ask what is holding you back. I would suggest writing down your answer(s) so as it make it more concrete.

Once you have identified the concrete things that may be holding you back from starting or from succeeding, make a plan, get in touch with your coach, the forums, and get to it.

This is your life; time is of the essence!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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