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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 45: Suck It Up or Shut Up

Ever since I recommitted to Bringing it hard-core in the kitchen, that little whiny voice that I had been hearing for weeks finally shut up! May it rest in peace!

During this week of epiphanies and tough decisions, a new motto was born: "Suck it up or Shut up!"

If you don't like something, do something about it. If you're not willing to make changes to improve the situation, then you gotta stop complaining! No one likes a full-time whiner!

In my case, my incessant complaining about wanting to see a six-pack sooner rather than later meant not only giving up a couple of extra almonds here and there, but it also meant giving up my long-held tradition of going buck-wild on my cheat day. Trust me, letting go of a cheat day versus a cheat meal was not an easy thing to do.

When one of the men on my threads congratulated me for giving up my cheat day, I strongly protested. The Oh-so-wise-Coach-Barbie quickly corrected him by stating that I only meant that I was going to "tighten up" my eating 6 days a week, to which he responded, "So you're looking at keeping that whiny voice in your head around?" I was seriously annoyed; his question had struck a nerve, but why?

The question annoyed me because I know that at my current level of fitness, if I want to see the kinds of results that I am after, I'm going to have to stop eating everything that crosses my path on Saturdays, my cheat day. And the truth is, the fact that I eat with abandonment once a week is not exactly my badge of honor as a coach. Do I really need to eat a slice of pizza for lunch and a burger with fries for dinner, followed by a margarita or two just because I have ceremoniously declared Saturday my cheat day? Not really.

And by golly, I want my six-pack and I want it now!

And so it was that I finally committed to letting go of my hedonistic Saturdays. I have to say, I am feeling AMAZING and more committed than ever. Thank you, boys.

I have been bringing it hard core in the kitchen and on the mat. Today, I hit the 45-day mark of round 3 of P90X. I know day 60 will not be a disappointment.

Day 45 down. 45 more to go.


Barbie, PhD

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like that guy in your thread is a winner ;-) What's his name?