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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 60: Reflections on the Journey

journey :

The travel or work of a day.

Travel or passage from one place to another; hence, figuratively, a passage through life.

To travel from place to place; to go from home to a distance.

To traverse; to travel over or through.



Where oh where did we get the idea that this most awesome journey is an easy one? Yes, boys and girls, Barbie is feeling reflective and just a tad bit whiny tonight.

I'm coming clean. I'm fessing up. It's day 60 and today did not bring the results I had anticipated. Did P90X not deliver? It did! It did! The problem is that what P90X delivered--muscles, muscles everywhere--is not what I ordered or had in mind! Round 1 of P90x reshaped my body beyond belief. It turned me into, well, Barbie. Round 2 leaned me out just right. Round 3....ugh, I've gotten too muscular for my own taste and frankly, I just don't like it. I'm getting sick of almost everyone I know telling me that if I get any bigger, I'm going to start looking unfeminine or unattractive. I feel like a ripe fruit, at its point of perfection, but about to go rotten!

Why, mama, why couldn't just bringing it like a beast on the mat and in the kitchen guarantee not only results, but the results that *I* had in mind: a long, sleek, and slightly muscular physique?

Why mama, why does even this have to be so difficult?

Okay, I'll stop the whining. That's my friend's Karen's job. My dissatisfaction with where my body is right now made me realize that I had been erroneously thinking that this journey is an easy one if you just press play and bring it in the kitchen six times a week. But like everything else in life, getting to where we want to be requires a little negotiating, trying things out, seeing what works, what doesn't, until you get it right. And we all know that the state of perfection doesn't last. Before you know it we're back to trying to figure out what works for us. What worked last time may not work this time. Such is life. As BeachBody warriors we must simply rise to the occasion!

Am I ready to quit, throw in the towel because I am not getting what I want? Give me a break! I am not a quitter. After much reflection, I have decided to do Slim in 6 for a week or perhaps two and to cut back my calories in an effort to trim down and lean out a bit. I'd like to be able to button my shirt without my muscles popping out!

I miss you already, Tony. But, I gotta leave you this week for Debbie. Let's see what the next 30 days will hold in store for me. Whatever it is, I am ready.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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