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Sunday, July 27, 2008

"The Only Way Out is Through"

Quite a number of people have been writing to me lately after my most recent blog posts. Some have reached out in attempt to get get back on the wagon, but have also expressed their frustration over repeatedly falling off the wagon or hitting brick walls. For others, my blog posts have served as a useful reminder that we are ultimately responsible for our own lives and that it is high time to stop making excuses. Yet, others have written to say just how much I seem to be "rockin'" and "doing so good" lately.

After two months of traveling, subletting different apartments, giving up my dogs for the summer, obsessing over my six-pack, worrying that P90X is turning me into a man, having friends tell me so, leaving my friends, my city, moving back to another city that even after a year is a stranger to me, moving once again, buying a car, getting ready for work to pick up, and thinking about the kinds of relationships I want to bring into my life, all this, have thrown me off balance.

And yet, and yet, it is during these very times where I feel so groundless that I do the most soul-searching and shift into high-gear in an attempt to figure things out. It is, without a doubt, during these times that I grow the most as a person. Instead of retreating from the chaos around me, I spend a lot of time reflecting on the things that worked and on the things that didn't. I am not only referring to my exercise and eating program. Really, I am not as shallow as I appear. I am referring to behaviors, relationships, habits, and attitudes.

Reflecting on our experiences--with relation to food/exercise, relationships, time (well-spent or wasted), the list goes on--is never easy, but necessary if we are to grow. In all sincerity, I hate feeling "off". I hate having the feeling that I'm spinning my wheels even if in reality I "know" that I'm simply in transition. I love being on fire, bringing it in all areas of my life. But being "on" and being "right on track" and never messing up is not realistic and it doesn't allow for maximum growth.

Whether you're plateauing in life or in fitness, see if you can use this time to reflect on your life, patting yourself on the back for things well-done, while trying to figure out how you can grow from your mistakes.

Today on the one year anniversary of my BEFORE pictures, I wish you well and remember: the only way out is through.


Barbie, PhD

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