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Monday, July 28, 2008

When Flexibility Counts

I realized this morning that one of the reasons I was on my way to overtraining was due to my initial unwillingness to switch my P90X routine (which was making me add on a lot of muscle) for Debbie. Instead of momentarily stopping Tony for Debbie, which I knew would slim me down, I decided to double up by doing P90X and Slim in 6 at once. Um, let's just say my ego got in the way.

What were my thoughts that accompanied my decision to double up on programs? I didn't want others to say that I had abandoned ship. I didn't want to say that I only did 2/3 of my third round. But then I realized, wait, if what I'm doing isn't working for me (in that it's making me too muscular) and if I know that Debbie will give me the long, sleek look I want, what's the problem?! Is the point to accumulate the number of rounds we do to display them like trophies or is the point to get rocking results so we can feel and look the way we want. The answer is clear.

So: ego, ego, go away and come back another day. Better yet, don't come back at all. You really do know how to get in the way sometimes.

In my mind, I have not abandoned the X. I am still on a 90 day program and have decided to bring in Debbie to get met the results I need. I am as a friend of mine said to me earlier today, a champion in life. This means being willing to remain flexible to life to achieve the goals that I want to achieve.

After two weeks of Slim in 6, I have added Abs Core P90X Plus to my routine. I have also added extra cardio in the evenings 2-3 times a week. My efforts are paying off and I am really liking what I see. My eating has also been super duper clean.

Boys and Girls, I am rocking my hybrid Tony-Debbie Routine and once again I can say: Day 90 will not disappoint.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD


Elizabeth said...

whats different from debbie as far as the moves go? are they anything like p90x? or more cardio, or completely different?
just wondering for future reference...

Coach Barbie said...

Check out the Slim in 6 entries. You'll got lots of info there! :) barbie