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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today, I was sitting in a tiny Paris sublet writing my profile for the Million Dollar Body website. I was fat, but I knew that I had reached rock bottom and that upon returning to the States on July 27th, I would commence my journey back to fitness.

I had ordered P90X back in June, right before my travels, but had been very impressed with what Slim in 6 said it could deliver. Of course, I ordered it. So, I had both P90X and Slim in 6 waiting for me at home. I was ready for the change and anxious for my new life to begin.

I don't remember how I discovered the community forums, but I somehow stumbled upon the "thread" of a group of French-Canadian women who were documenting their journey by sharing their ups and downs and posting their progress pictures weekly.

Their openness and camaraderie were incredible; they kept me coming back each night to catch up on the lives of these women I had never met. But really, it was "Margarita's" progress pictures that gave me the hope that I, too, could achieve similar results.

On July 23, 2007, Margarita (who we now call "Marg") posted her day 1, day 8, and day 15 photos. I was blown away by her rapid progress. How could someone shrink so fast?! It certainly wasn't magic--her daily entries and pictures were proof that it was a process, one that took work and daily commitment.

When I finally began Slim in 6, I continued to check Marg's forum for support, as a "lurker." I don't know why, but I hadn't mustered up the courage to introduce myself. Whenever I would be feeling low-energy, I would visit her thread and the Slim in 6 Photo-Gallery for inspiration. Looking at the progress photos worked each and every time to get my body moving.

Before I knew it, the six weeks were up, and I had lost 11 lbs and over 14 inches. My results were rocking! After a week, I was ready for the X, and I was ready to share my success with others by becoming a coach.

When I started my own forum, Barbie's Slim Spot, I finally went over to thank Margarita, this stranger, for helping me more than she could ever know. Marg says I "rescued" her from a slump, too. After her six weeks of Slim in 6, she had begun to slack in her exercise routine. I was only too happy to return the favor. She went on to do the X with amazing results and is still rocking the X and other BeachBody programs.

In retrospect, I can hardly believe it has already been a year. This morning when I was Bringing It with my workout, I couldn't believe that the body reflected in the mirror was mine.

Happy Anniversary, Barbie, and thank you to Marg and all my BeachBody friends for sharing in this most amazing journey!

Let's keep Bringing It!

Barbie, PhD

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