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Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 89...Another Pebble on the Road

The picture above was taken on May 22, 2008, 4 days before I was to start round 3 of P90X. My coachee Josh had just posted his most inspiring 90 day pictures and I was PSYCHED to get started with my round of the X.

Today at day 89 of what turned out to be a P90X-Slim in 6 hybrid, I am so glad this round is almost over! This past week has been tough. I am tired. Almost every day I have woken up and said to myself: Ugh, I have to Bring it again??! This week, I have also craved margaritas and other junk more than usual. For me this usually means that my body is tired and is ready for a break.

Despite my recent lack of fire, I have not missed any workouts during the past two weeks. In fact, the one workout that I missed in this 89-day period, I made up. During this round, I also gave up my all-day-cheat-day. Looking back, I can honestly say that I have given this round my all.

Standing from day 1, 90 days didn't seem like a long time. Standing from day 89, at least today, I can say it has been a long and meaningful journey. I almost overtrained, yet again, I discovered NO Explode (which I stopped taking, but G*d, was that fun!), I switched routines because I was getting too muscular, I spent the summer in NY, moved apartments in Dallas, and bought a car. Oh yea, and my hair started falling, which pushed me to re-examine my habits and to truly take care of my health (I now take my vitamins daily, limit my caffeine intake to 2 cups of coffee per day, and eat organic). Coaching also became a more significant part of my life. Somehow, somehow, I'm not sure how, it may seem silly, but I am not the same person as I was on day 1.

Tomorrow, Day 90, I am going to bring it hard and then I'm going to relax....

I wish I could end with a clever phrase, but boys and girls, all I can is: That's all, folks!

Bring it!


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