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Friday, August 8, 2008

Goal Assessment: The Work Week In Review

My week in pictures:

I started my week off with a fierce determination to accomplish everything on my to do list. With that kind of determination, I thought, what or who could deter me? Ha! Life had some lessons in store for me. Just one day into my new schedule, I learned a tough, but valuable lesson: No one said it was going to be easy. I was exhausted, but all things considered and only in retrospect, it had been a perfect day. At least there hadn't been any interruptions.

On day 2 began life's little and inevitable interruptions--problems with an order I had placed, a friend with a messed up foot that needed chauffering, a cell-phone that was on its last leg and that eventually died when I needed it the most, bills that needed paying, food that needed buying, dogs that needed to be walked, a new phone that needed to be bought....oh, the list goes on. In short, life happened!

When I sat down last Sunday evening to map out my schedule for the week, I hadn't planned for life's happenings, although I had allotted hours of "free time," during which I could play and take care of matters that needed tending to. But, we know that life's interruptions don't happen at conveniently scheduled times. They just happen.

I knew that I had to remain flexible, so I tried to not let my tarnished schedule ruin my day. All week, except for today, I did the best I could and forgot the rest. Today, Friday, I must confess, I felt cranky and disappointed at not having achieved all I had set out to do...until I asked myself the question:

Barbie, did you make any progress this week?

The answer, to my surprise, was a resounding yes.

My primary goal this week had been to read through 80 pages of notes I had taken this summer and reread a novel for my project. Did I accomplish that? No and up until a little while ago, that was the source of my chagrin. But, after asking myself whether or not I had made any progress this week, I realized that in reading through 70 of the 80 pages of notes, I did come up with some good ideas for an article that I am working on. I am moving in the right direction and that is what matters.

What about in other areas? Did I make progress?

Did I Bring it in the kitchen? I was so busy focusing on other areas of my life, that I ate like a robot and dare I say it, almost reached perfection with my diet!

Did I Bring it on the mat? Oh, yea, like a monster! Every day this week I was able to see results. My muscles are getting more defined and I no longer fear looking like a man!

It was also incredibly encouraging to hear my friends on the community forums talk about how all this goal-talk had encouraged them to examine their lives and set some precise goals. It feels good to know that what I am doing is making a difference in people's lives. That matters to me.

So, yes, all in all it was a very good week. Next week, I will aim to do even better. For now though, I think I will enjoy the weekend. TGIF!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD


Anonymous said...

I looked at the pics you have posted and couldn't keep myself from asking.....Is that a large dog sleeping on your pooltable in the background of one of those?

Coach Barbie said...

YES! Only it's not a pooltable and my boy is not so big--only 38 lbs. :) BRING IT!