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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We All Have 24-Hour Days

With so much on my plate right now, I am hungry for reminders that I cannot waste the 24 hours that I am given each day. It is so easy to blow an hour doing things that may be fun or mindless, but that do not get me closer to meeting my goals.

Don't get me wrong, this girl needs to play, too! And, oh, I do! But it can't be more play than work, at least not at the moment.
So, how do I stay focused, someone asked me this morning? How do I stay motivated? Well, I have to constantly remind myself that I have to keep my focus! If I don't, I find that I too easily stray from my set path.

Please enjoy this movie. It is a great reminder that we must make the most out of our time. That said, my work day is done. I'm off to enjoy some quality time with my dogs!


Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

1 comment:

Hockeybag said...

Barbie - boy does this hit home! Some days I get in a rut and find myself sleeping in, watching too much TV, sunning myself for longer than I should, etc. While we all need time to rest, etc., it's amazing how those 24 hours close in on you. Keeping in mind your vision and taking time to stop and ask yourself "is what I'm doing helping me achieve me goals" is a great strategy to turn that 4 hours of wasted time into productive time!!!