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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oops! I did it Again with Slim in 6

About half-way into round 3 of P90X, I decided to give my P90X rotation a break and switch to Debbie's Slim in 6 for the remainder of the 90 days. Why? While I was getting super-duper fit, I was starting to get a little too muscular. I kid you not when I say that my guns were busting out of my blouses. At 5'5" and 140lbs, I was happy with my body (weight and size), but was afraid of getting any bigger. To be honest, I had gotten a little too big, so I wanted to slim down and lean out a little more.

I knew who I had to turn to: Debbie Siebers' Slim in 6. Boys and Girls, I am in really good shape, and Debbie STILL manages to kick my butt. Today on Week 5, Day 4, I am looking svelte and lean, just like I had planned. Can I just say: BOOYAH!

If you're looking to BLAST YOUR FAT, I honestly know no better solution than Slim in 6. If you're anxious to get started with P90X, remember: The X will always be there.

I absolutely love P90x, but many folks, especially women, have a hard time dropping weight with the X. My recommendation? Do Slim in 6 FIRST, P90x SECOND.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD


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