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Friday, August 15, 2008

Meet Coach Khai: Another Most Amazing P90X Man

Boys and Girls,

Meet the latest coach on the Get Fit With Barbie Team: Khai. He's only on Day 60 and has achieved awesome results.

Below you'll find his personal transformation story.

To get Khai to coach you, click here: COACH KHAI

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

Written by Khai

Hello Beachbuddies. Exercise and fitness have always been an important part of my daily schedule. Growing up, I was really overweight, which can be attributed to adopting the wonderful American diet: I had just spent a year trying to get to the US. My family, along with hundreds of other Vietnamese refugees endured much hardship and severe deprivation, first from being lost on the open seas and then trying to survive on “CuCu” Island, a refugee camp located in Indochina. Once in America, I was suddenly exposed to all the wonderful and exciting new foods that I had never imagined existed; oh, the first bite of a Ho-Ho and the taste of a Snickers Bar!!!! You can just image the horrible scene of my sweet and delectable youth. I was affectionately called “Porky” for much of my childhood and well into my early teens. Denial is a wonderful thing. I was puzzled at the fact that kids were calling me by these other names. I remember saying to myself, “What are they talking about, I’m not fat.” I was sure of it because I did not "feel" fat. The world was crazy and mean I thought...until I decided to glance at my reflection in the livingroom mirror.

As an adult, I recently experienced those very same emotions I had as a child standing there in front of the mirror. Like so many who’ve seen the commercials and witness the great success of P90X, the DVDs just sat collecting dust on the shelf. Since I had experience with exercise and fitness, I thought I knew better and that I could produce similar results my way (read: so I don’t have to work as hard). Needless to say, that didn’t work out so well; how could it since I’ve been stuck all these years struggling “my way”. I had this confirmed after looking at pictures of myself thinking, "yeah I remember being in shape at the time these photos were taken". Then coach Barbie came along, and I began to take notice of the subtle then amazing changes in her condition. We spoke over a period of time, with her patiently working through my reluctance and reservations.

Today, I’m on day 60 and am ready to join the “crew”. I’ve signed on as a coach for sometime but have not begun the plan until recently, putting more trust and faith in the Beach Body “system” (program + support). That being said, I’ve finally made up my mind that my life will never really “in order” and am ready to BE a Beach Body Coach and “bring it”.

Having gone through my own struggles and now working with the ill as a health professional, I constantly look for opportunities to educate and provide support; being knowledgeable about various disease states and their long term effects, I try to speak with friends, family, and patients about changing their habits and lifestyle: getting people to understand that more than half of the conditions that Americans live with through heavy medications can be prevented with diet and exercise is one of my primary goals. Witnessing the loss in health and function is truly a sad thing for me; to have a person not be able to carry out the activities of their daily lives is unacceptable and regrettable to me, yet the doctors (cardiologists and internalists) I work with simply continue to adjust and add to the long list of medications that the patient is on instead of working through dietary and lifestyle changes. I hope to bring this awareness to the public and put more of an emphasis on prevention as a way to promote longevity and hopefully, happiness.

True transformation for me occurred when I became aware of the fact that I had not reached my full potential. I've alway been in decent physical shape, but lacked the structure and tools to take my fitness to the next level. It was not until I began to apply the principles of P90X that I realized where I was and the goals I needed to plan and accomplish to reach my potential. So it comes down the realization that I needed help, the acceptance of a proven and workable program, and finally, the commitment to follow through, that is to affect CHANGE.


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