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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Second View on Tony's One-on-One Plyo Legs

Happy Sunday, Boys and Girls!
One of my coaches, Heather, just posted a review of Tony's One-on-One Plyo Legs on her most awesome blog, Heather's Fitness Spot. I thought it would be good to add another perspective to my original July 11, 2008 review of the same video. Enjoy!

Heather wrote:

So, tonight I was in the mood to annoy my neighbors downstairs. Therefore, I decided to do some plyometrics. Jump training, how louder can I be! But, then I remembered I have my new video! Tony's One on One, Volume 1, Disk 1 - Plyo Legs, so I decided to give it a try!

Here are my initial thoughts.

The concept is, its just you can Tony! You workout in his own personal gym! Pretty cool. You get to admire his home gym and his workout equipment. I wish I had his gym!!! And I wish I had his house. The background of the outside was awesome! Ok, so my first thought was to look around the house and see his art, equipment. He's rambling on about something. (probably the workout, time,...).

I thought it was weird when he started that he recommends a warm up prior to the video. He says 5 minutes of skipping rope is good. He does do some warm up stretching, but then moves right into the video. So, that will be an I must remember to do a little warm up! The first video comes with a "wallet" for all the videos. The wallet has rooms to write notes, that will be my note.

Then he starts the workout. It's 64 minutes run time, but the workout is an hour!

What I liked about this video:
- I liked that it was a little easier then plyometrics that came with P90X!
- I liked that some of the moves were the same. It started off as a fresh warm-up because I knew what he was doing (and I wasn't really warmed up.)
- I liked that as the video went on, there were a lot of new moves. Or the moves we did in P90X were "updated" to be more challenging.
-I loved the way I was dripping wet half way through!
- I like that you do way more reps then in plyo X. I could feel it burning in my legs, tush, abs,... I think that was awesome. For example, you hold a wall squat for like 4 minutes! And, I think the more I do this workout, the more I learn it, the more balance I get, the more challenging this workout will become. Then, all the talk I between moves that I mention below will be well worth it!

Some of my favorite moves:
The wacky jacks. I could feel my abs working with that one. The other great move, the monster tires, had my thinking, I'm glad no one is watching me! There were others, but I won't bore you with listing them!

Now, what did I disliked:
- I really hated all the talk between moves. I almost just wanted him to get on with it! I think all the chatting made the workout easier to follow. But, at the same time I want more challenge. Now, it's my first time doing it, so I followed Tony. He also says, do about XX-XX reps of this move. I think if I wanted to do more reps, he leaves plenty of time to do it! then, if I need a break, I have the time.

I would recommend this workout! I think it will be a great addition to my workouts and a great switch for P90X plyometrics. I often thought we did that workout a lot! It's done every week for the entire rotation. So, having Plyo Legs will add even more variety to my favorite program- P90X! I think if you aren't doing P90X or you think P90X is to extreme, this is a good workout to start with! It will give you a taste of what's in the X! You can always go a little slower and if you take it a little easier, it's not as tough as the one in P90X! Or, you build up and go faster and harder and it may end up being just as or more challenging then the PlyoX!
I can't wait to try the next workout, Road Warrior. Once I get it and try it, I will keep you posted!

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