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Monday, August 4, 2008

Sweat Glands and Success are Synonymous

Boys and Girls, I've just received a lesson tonight on the nature of goal achievement without my meaning to be schooled. According to my daily planner, I was supposed to have finished blogging by 6pm. But, when that time came, my brain simply gave out on me. I did not have a single creative ounce left to give. I had given it all to my professional work during the day, item #3 of 5 on my Goals for the Day List.

I've got my priorities straight. I've committed to blogging each day (with the exception of one weekend day). I do it because it matters to me. So: after taking a much needed two-hour break to socialize and clear my head, I came back to my desk to blog. "Man," I thought, "this goal achievement thing ain't easy! Actually, it's exhausting." Seriously, the challenge of keeping to my schedule and the mental exhaustion of work caught me off guard.

In fact, I felt so tired from the day's activities, that I thought I'd listen to Zig Ziglar first in order to get some inspiration. And what is the first thing I hear this man say?

"[A lot of men's problems will be solved when they] learn that if they want to occupy their place in the sun, they'll have to expect some blisters and [then they'll learn that] much will have been accomplished. WORK IS THE PRICE WE PAY TO TRAVEL THE HIGHWAY OF SUCCESS."

Almost immediately after, Ziglar reminded me, because yes, he was speaking directly to me:

"America was built by people who pulled and worked on the oars, not by people who rested on the oars."

Bless this man! Oh, Mr. Ziglar, how did you know that that was exactly what I needed to hear?

Where, I ask you, did I get the false impression that having a goals list would make the ride easy?

Not once did Ziglar mention yesterday as I listened to his recordings that it was going to be smooth sailing. And yet, it was the very assumption I made.

You Gotta Sweat for Success. Oh yea, I now realize. So let me say it to myself again:


After listening to the rest of Ziglar's recording, I grabbed my water bottle, took a sip, and started writing, no longer feeling sorry for myself that there is much work to be done in the days that lie ahead.

It is now 9:50 p.m. Once I sign off, boys and girls, I can finally turn off the lights and say: good job, Barbie, for a day well done.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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