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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

FREE Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic Tomorrow!!

Boys and Girls,

You know I'm a huge fan and promoter of JACK CANFIELD's book,
THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES: Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Tomorrow morning he will be holding a FREE Telephone LIVE CALL/SEMINAR. PLEASE CHECK LINK FOR TIME!!! I registered for it via the link below! I thought you might like to attend as well if you have the time.

Let's Bring it!



How to get out of overwhelm, choosing a mentor and
life-long curriculum, how to change your 'vibrational'
levels and how the 'Rule of Five' applies when you
have multiple goals to accomplish...

These are just a few of the topics I've chosen to
discuss on this month's Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic,
Wednesday, August 6th -- will you join me?

You still have the opportunity to ask me your most
pressing question, too, as I always have time to
answer anywhere from 8-12 questions during these
70-minute content-rich training calls.

So go ahead -- ask me anything!

Hopefully, your question will be one of a handful
I'll pick to answer during this month's tele-class.

--------> R.S.V.P. for Wed. August 6th <---------- DATE: Wednesday, August 6th COST: No-cost for the LIVE call RSVP:

(Even if you don't have a question,
you can still listen-in and learn!)


Ask Jack Canfield are 70-minute 'study-sessions'
held the first Wednesday of each month and filled
with unique thought-provoking questions submitted
by listeners just like you.

If you have a schedule conflict, you should go
ahead and send me your question, and when you do,
I'll give you information on how to access the
valuable call recordings as a back-up.

If you've never participated before, I highly
recommend you give it a try.

I promise you won't be disappointed.

>> R.S.V.P.--->

I hope to hear you on the call!

Dedicated to your success,


P.S. Below are 4 questions that I have already
pre-selected to discuss on this Wednesday's call:

1.) How do I get out of overwhelm mode?

2.) With all the good information out there, how do you
recommend one chooses a 'teacher' or 'work' to study?

Is there a ling-long curriculm that could walk
someone through all of it?

3.) How do you change or raise your vibrational levels?

4.) You recommend doing 5 things a day to achieve your
goals. What if I have multiple goals? How am I going
to do 5 things a day for each and not be overwhelmed?

5.) ??

6.) ??

7.) ??

8.) ??

9.) ??


The Jack Canfield Companies
P.O. Box 30880
Santa Barbara, CA 93130
(805) 563-2935

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