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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Barbie's Notes on Jack Canfield's Tele-Seminar

Hey, Kids!

Here are my notes on Jack Canfield's free tele-seminar given on September 3, 2008.

For more information on Jack, check out:

Enjoy and Bring it!

Barbie, PhD


Q: Best piece of advice on how to stay focused when you are an independent worker/when you work from home.

The Power of Focus, the book

Success principle #40. Redefine time.

Importance of accountability partner and a mastermind group. Get on phone once a week. Talk about your wins, successes, and problems.

Set measurable objectives. The things we put off, the scary things, are usually the things we most need to do.

Make DAILY commitments. Daily promises. Don’t go to bed until you do the things you promised to do. (Barbie says: WOW! This is brilliant!)

It’s the everyday effort that produces results.

21 action steps that will get you closer to where you want to be. 7 areas of your life. (I guess we have to look at his book to see what the 7 areas are.)

Get a coach. A professional accountability partner.

Get up on a regular schedule and go to work.

Divide your week into 3 kinds of day:
Buffer Day—delegation, planning, errands.
Focus Day—All related to what you do what will get you where you want to be. 85% of your day is focused on 1, 2, or 3 day.

Don’t mix the two, as much as possible.

When you work on the most important things FIRST, we get a lot more done.

Q: The law of attraction applied to business. How can we apply it for big things?

A lot of people are living in a state of impatience.

When you get impatient, you focus on what you don’t have and THAT becomes true.

Notice the little things that ARE happening.

Focus on the journey, not the results. The results can be taken away: you find the perfect spouse and he or she dies.

The importance of visualization, thinking more positive, vision boards, gratitude.

Expect that it’s coming (The thing you want) and keep doing the above.

Q: “My main goal is to be wealthy. It’s difficult for me to imagine this when I’ve never had it…I’m trying to imagine a better life, but have trouble getting out of my reality. Do you have any suggestions?” Paraphrase: How do you act “as if” when the environment you live in doesn’t support it.

Your inner environment is the most powerful.

Be grateful for what you already have. This is critical. Don’t be frustrated by what you don’t have because you’ll attract to it. Just know that it’s coming.

Give yourself experiences of being prosperous so you shift your mindset.

Q: Tips to survive this recession?

Get out of this “survive” mentality. YOU WANT TO THRIVE, not survive.

Think long term, not recession/right now.

There are opportunities everywhere, even during a recession!

Q: My friend is loaded with cancer. We both believe in The Secret. His family keeps focusing on his illness, versus on the positive. We need some guidance. Help me guide him in the right path.

The first thing to know is that no one else controls your body. You may want to isolate yourself from negative people.

Mediation and prayer groups can have an effect.

What doctors don’t tell you. Natural healing technologies. The site above.

Diet is important.

Keep your alkaline levels low. Most doctors don’t tell you this.

Expressing gratitude for the health you do have. The fact that you can go to the bathroom, get up and walk, etc.

Trust. Show trust.

Gary Craig on youtube

Eft? Google it.

Q: How do you keep the positive momentum going after your first initial read of a book? The Success Principles, for example.

You want to reread that book at least 6 times. Research shows that if you read something six times it becomes part of your long term memory.

Start a Study Group.

A mastermind group.

Read. Assimilate (talk, take notes). Apply (one action that you will take as a result of reading it).

The book is available on audio.

The Success Principles Workbook. 30 days to Success.

Empower yourself to empower others. How to teach 6 of the success principles.

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