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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 4 of 4: WhiteRock Lake Fun with Shloo

5 am Rise and Shine! Time for Day 4 of 4 of my new workout routine: A bike ride with fellow P90Xer, Shloo, at WhiteRock Lake. I know, I totally look like a Tour de France queen. If only I had the skills to match. (Notice protein drink on the table. In the past, I would have left the house without having had breakfast.)

Shloo getting ready. Yikes! He looks like a real cyclist. I'm in trouble, I'm thinking. That's okay, I'll pretend I know what I'm doing.

Boys and girls, there was no faking the funk. I felt like a complete newbie out there. But, of course, it didn't matter one bit. Shloo was a most awesome riding partner (more like guide)--he kept looking back to see that I hadn't gotten lost and after our ride, he let me eat his Cliff Bar when I protested that we hadn't brought along post-ride picnic food.

Once I was done pretending that the ride had killed me, I insisted that we document our trip with the camera on my BlackBerry. Shloo just chuckled as I asked our passerby photographer to keep retaking the picture until she had gotten us at the right angle.

What do you think? Did she capture our beauty after a 19.61 mile bike ride?

As far as the workout went, um, this P90X girl has to admit it kicked her butt. After an hour and a half, my shoulders and hands were hurting, and so were my legs. I came home, showered, and crashed for several hours. I can't wait to do it again!!


Barbie, PhD

p.s. I meant to take a picture of this little birdie, but my phone died, from overuse perhaps?

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