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Sunday, October 19, 2008

BeachBody Success: Becoming Who You Never Thought You'd Become

Melisa's answer to Barbie's question, "Why are you a coach?":

I want to coach because I've become a person I swore I never would become... a fit person.

I grew up sneering at the "jocks" - because they weren't fat and uncoordinated like me. I was so jealous! Even when I lost weight in high school I still hated them, because in my mind I remained the "fat girl" who didn't fit in. I was 5'7" tall and weighed 123 pounds. Fat chick indeed! To this day I struggle with that aspect of my self-image.

I KNOW I'm not the only one to ever have these feelings... alone, unsure and critical of myself, extremely self-conscious. The thing is, when I'm talking to someone who is struggling with their weight or unhappy with their body, I can always see the pain in their eyes... because I was there. I know what it's like to spend every waking moment obsessing over my weight, wondering what other people think of me, not wanting to go out in public, feeling SHAME because I wasn't taking care of myself but caught in a downward spiral of food, depression, and self-hatred... and wanting so badly for someone to see my pain and HELP ME.

When the opportunity to become a coach came my way, I had mixed feelings. The little "fat girl" in me said... "You can't do that! People will reject you. You're not a fitness anything... you're a failure." But there was a small voice inside that reminded me that it was the kindness of other people in my life that helped me quiet those inner demons and become who I am today. Slowly I realized that I could be one of those people for someone else.

It's not always easy to put my fears of rejection aside, but every time I do or say something that touches someone, every time my support helps someone light their fire and commit to making a change in their life, and every time I can honestly say "I know how you feel" to someone who is struggling... I realize that this is the best job in the whole world.


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Note from Barbie: I coach Heather, who coaches Melisa, who is now coaching others to success. We truly are passing it on! Bring it!


Coach Barbie, PhD said...

Oh my goodness, Melisa. Thank you for sharing this.

Coach Heather said...


You are such an inspiration! You will be a great coach! Great coaches are those who feel it in their heart the importance to help others! I know you feel it and you believe they can do it! Thanks for sharing your story!