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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jardena: Sharing and Passing It Forward

Jardena's response to Barbie's question: "Why do you want to coach?"

"I was back tracking through the thread when I read this.

Excellent question Professor Barb!
You know, I thought about it and here's my answer:

I had gone for so long looking at my body and thinking, "This is as good as it gets, find clothes to cover it." Of course this is a self defeating attitude that translates to "Oh, thank you Mr. Ice-cream man, I'll have another scoop please." It was EASY to sit on the couch. It was EASY to order in. It's EASY give in...

I'm not an easy kinda gal...anymore. I've come very far but I've realized that growth, motivation, strength and determination are HARD....but are soooooooooooo worthwhile! We become better people in every aspect of our lives by challenging ourselves to do what might initially seem difficult!

My father recently was very sick...his words were the first to inspire me to change so long ago and I found myself repeating it back to him while we were in the hospital....(deep breath) I am his personal coach! We all have something to offer that can potentially change the course of someone's life for the's whether we choose to share it or not. As corny as this sounds, I want to be a coach because I want to share!"

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You look amazing!! WOW!!!