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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Licia: Helping Others "Find the Gifts" with BeachBody

Licia Before:

Licia's response to my question, "Why do you want to coach?":

"Just before I began my journey with BB, I had pretty much become willing to accept that I was getting older and that my body was meant to be the way that it was. I was about to give up the "fight".

I had tried so many things and nothing brought me the changes that I was seeking. I had been struggling for a few years and always yo-yo'd between a size 8-14ish...mostly being around a 12-14.

After my last crazy diet, I gained back all that I had lost...those before pics are not of me at my start weight. They are my after pics from Michael Thurmonds 6 Week Body Makeover...I weigh 160#'s in them.

I got back up to 172.4#'s.
I was miserable.

I was going through boxes one day, trying to downsize clutter and came across my set of P90 workouts. I thought about trying them again, but told myself that it wouldn't work because I couldn't afford to eat "healthy"; just another excuse.

I put the box back in the closet.

It wasn't until we bought our new home and I began unpacking that I thought about them again.

I remembered that they had worked for me the first time that I attempted them along with the eating plan.

My excuse at that time...I didn't have the time, I was busy painting my new house etc.

In December of 2007, I realized that I have nothing but time, and that even though there are so many things in my life that I have no control over, the one and only thing that I can absolutely have control over is what I put into my body and what I do with my body.
If I have time to sit in front of the t.v, I have an hour to excercise.

My husband refused to once again take before pics...he said "how many times have we done this"?

I was hurt, he did not believe that I could change, because I had quit so many times before and of course all the previous times I had never been really 100% committed. I always went about 1/2 a$$.

I got pi$$ed and set out to prove to him that I could do it...

Well, I went to the message boards on the 12th of December and registered. I posted a message stating that I was starting P90 on the 13th and got replys from 2 of whom is a $10,000.00 winner.

I pushed play on the 13th...did P90 for 63 days, got bored and ordered the X.
My husband didn't want me to spend the money but since it came with a 90 day $ back guarantee, I did anyway and I told him..."I just want to see what my body will do in 90 days".
I ordered it and started my first round the day after I recieved the package...
I barely passed the fitness test, and lets just forget about me doing a push-up!
Heck, the first time I did Kenpo, I thought that I was gonna die!!!
I didn't quit.

I haven' t quit pushing play since.
I have completed 63 days of P90, 2 rounds of P90X, a month of Slim Series, and today I am 3 weeks into P90X+.

This journey has not been easy. Especially in the area of eating clean. I have had more than my share of moments...but, I don't let the bad choices that I make break me. I always remember that I am human and pick myself right back up with clean eating.

There have been times when that got really hard...but my coach Barbie was there to help me find the solution, whether it be having a cheat meal/day or increasing calories.

These boards are a lifesaver as far as finding motivation, information and support.

I now weigh in at 155 (yesterday) I wear a size 6 pants and for the first time that I can recall I am able to buy size medium tops.

My muffin top is almost gone Big Grin

At this moment I can't tell you how many inches I have lost....guess I better measure.

That is my story for the moment. My success is part of the reason why I am a kooch...but really I want to be a coach because I know what it feels like to feel hopeless in the struggle, and that I was/am not the only one out there that felt/feels that way.

I want to help someone else, find the gifts that I have found with BB.

Did I make sense, or just write a really long post...or is that my success story????"


Please note: Licia will become a coach at the end of the month. Please stay tuned...

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