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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On the Nature of Mojo

Tonight, I'm blogging from bed.

I am beat. I woke up at a quarter to five this morning and brought it hard with Cardio Party Mix 3, followed by Abs Core Plus. In life today I gave it my all. By 4pm, I was ready to kick up my feet and unwind. And unwind I did--I came home, walked the dogs, ate, and passed out for I don't know how many hours. Guess what? I'm ready to call it a night. But, before I turn in, I thought I'd reflect on my mojo, which, by the way, is back!

As far as my motivation went in September, it was absolutely blah. I showed up because I'm committed, not because I necessarily felt like bringing it. I went through the motions during my workouts, knowing that I would eventually find my groove. Trust me, I know it's frustrating to work out and not feel the fire. Not feeling your mojo does not mean that you're not getting results though. It's during these times that you really need to have your mind right, because it is precisely during these times that it's easier to skip a workout or cheat a little here and there. So: I stepped it up with my eating and tried my best to focus on my workouts.

Just as I had predicted, my mojo came back. Whereas last month I had to make sure that I got my workout in, these days I find myself looking forward to my next workout. Oh, it feels so good to feel the fire.

In the past, I would have taken this feeling as an invitation to do more. I think I can finally say that I am wiser. Doubles always led me to overtrain, the symptoms of which are not pretty: irritability, sadness, fatigue, and I could swear it's the reason my hair went through a bad falling spell. This time, I'm holding on to my sacred fire (and my hair!).

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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