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Thursday, October 16, 2008

P90X Success: Timber Climbs Mountains

Timber's Answer to my question, "Why do you want to coach?":

Why do I want to be a coach?

I guess over the last few weeks seeing my success truly manifest before my eyes has made me want to be a coach...

I dont know what caused my "ah ha" moment, I just know I was 6months out of a horrible 4 year relationship and was tired of being overweight. I needed a change. The week, make that year before I started my new life I ate fast food every night...then on Jan 1, 2007 I began.

I had no idea where to start or what to do. I had been overweight since I was 10 but had never gone on a diet. I knew if I went super strict I would fail. SO i began reading south beach diet books, no clue of what was right and wrong, just that what i was doing wasn't worth it anymore.

Being a chef and around food I decided I just had to start trading things out and completely cut out fast food. Let me tell you every night my drive home was hard...I was in the habit of stopping and grabbing something to finish my long and stressful day...but with each day it became easier to just keep driving.

I started simply by 30mins 3x a week. Then one day a friend asked me to join her on a hike...that turned into weekly hiking. In just 6 months I had dropped 70 pounds. With 2pounds to go to my first goal weight I saw my first p90X commerical. I wanted those results, but was I ready to commit?

Over the next two weeks Tony's words of "decide.commit.succeed" rang through my head. I was on a tight budget though how could I spend that kinda money. Well I hit my goal and it was right around my birthday. So for my birthday I did it...i decided...i ordered...i committed...and I have succeeded. It's an investment in myself and cheaper then a gym membership.

One year later I am the fittest I have ever been...and I can talk to anyone about health and fitness for hours as long as they wanna hear about it. I found myself talking to customers at my restaurant, lurking on the newbie's threads sharing advice, and working with my family on meal planning. I now want to become a certified trainer and nutritionist.

Over the last week: I have climbed a mountain that I dreamed of climbing when I was 21, was given a superior fitness level on a VO2 fitness test...a girl that weighed 250#s at 18 and 230# all of her twenties, is now 152 and in superior health. All of this without ever stepping foot into a gym. With only support from Tony and the BeachBody community.

If I can do this, anyone else I want to shout it to the world and share what I have learned with everyone that wants to know. I want to be a coach because it is my turn to pass on what I have learned and help inspire others. I want each day of my life to be the fittest day of my life!!!


ps. looking at my starting pic...i don't know that girl anymore. i finally identify myself as a happy healthy fit individual. I enjoy being active and eating healthy. I love being me!

Okay i hope that answer the question why?

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