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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tired Barbie Reflections

I woke up at 2:37 am last night, too excited to start my day after our Jack Canfield workshop. I was revved up and ready to take on the world. Um, trust me, I know, 2am is a little early to be taking on anything.

My plans and hopes for the future kept me up. It was a good problem to have, but a little annoying. This X-girl needs her sleep! I knew I was going to have to pay for it the next day.

Just as predicted, by 11 am I was ready to crash. But, I still had a class to teach, office hours to hold, dogs to walk, and a workout to bring, followed by a 7 o'clock meeting.

Would I miss my workout? Once again, I debated, as if I would really skip a workout. Come on, I know all about the nature of commitment. You just gotta go do it. No excuses.

So, I hurried home, walked my boys, and set the alarm for six pm. I was out like a light and woke up ready to bring it.

To my surprise, I did done bring it today and um, excuse my latest bout of narcissism, I am loving what I see! At 136 lbs, I am lean, lean, lean. I am, dare I say it, exactly where I want to be! Don't get me wrong, I plan to keep getting stronger and looking better, but I have never been happier with my body...and my life.

My priorities are clear. I have a plan. I feel great. I know we are always arriving, but tonight I feel happy, satisfied, as if I'm already there.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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