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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Aimee: Another BeachBody Success Story

Dear Boys and Girls,

Wow! Meet Aimee, another one of the beautiful women I coach who has had great success with Slim in 6 and Turbo Jam.
Aimee, you look stunning! Congratulations! I am so very proud of you!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

Aimee's Story:

I have spent most of my life overweight. I started getting chunky in elementary school and by high school I was a size 14/16. In college I worked thirty hours a week in addition to my college courses, I never gave much thought to exercise. By the time I was planning my wedding at age 22, I was a size 16. Desperate to lose weight for my wedding, I went to a weight loss center and cheated with diet pills until I reached a size 13, only to regain plus interest. I joined a weight loss program and started walking for exercise. I lost a little, quit, and put on more weight.

Something changed one day when was I watching an Oprah episode about obesity. I turned off the television with tears streaming down my face and went for a walk. I started walking regularly and started to enjoy my walks. When I started a stressful full-time job that had me home after dark, I immediately quit exercising.

I reached my heaviest at 225 lbs, I never weighed myself ( I found out this weight from my doctors office medical charts after I lost the weight.) I always felt tired and depressed. When I was nine months pregnant I weighed 250 lbs. This was my wake up call, this was rock bottom. I lost the pregnancy weight immediately, it just came off. Back at 225 lbs, I realized that if I kept doing what I was doing, then I was going to be 250 lbs in no time. The pregnancy had also changed my body and I no longer fit into my size 20 jeans. I knew I had to change my ways for my daughter, I had to set an example for her. I wasn't happy with myself and I knew that I needed to do something about it.

I started walking and doing yoga. I loosely followed a 40-30-30 plan and started losing weight. I dropped twenty pounds within a few months. I became determined to not just lose weight but to take off all the excess weight. I wanted to see what my face was born to look like, what I would look like without the excess fat. I stopped saying I wish, I want, and I need to, and started saying I will and when I reach my goal.

In May of 2003 I rejoined the old weight loss program and wrote down everything that I ate for an entire year. I did workout videos and walked. By the end of December 2003, I had reached 145 lbs. I rewarded myself with a gym membership and lost 10 lbs more. At 138 lbs friends and family complained that I had lost too much weight for my body frame. I tried to gain back 10 lbs on purpose and put on 15 lbs. Then in the struggle to loose five pounds, I would loose only to gain it back. I quit the weight loss program as I know longer found the meetings beneficial.

For a while I struggled to keep the pounds from coming back, until I found Beachbody, I started doing Turbo Jam, Slim n 6, and following a 40-30-30 plan. Today I am approximately 70 lbs down from my pre-pregnancy weight. I am healthy and I am setting a positive example for my daughter.


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