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Monday, November 3, 2008

Coach Derek Wins the Monthly Success Story!

OMG!! Our very own Coach Derek was announced as the $1,000 October winner in the Million Dollar Body Transformation Contest!!

We are so proud of you, Derek!!! You clearly deserve this recognition! And, um, you're beautiful!

We'll be waiting to watch your video on Beach Body Network News.

To visit Derek's profile, click here.

Didn't I tell you kids that the coaches on my team are winners?!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

My Transformation Story:

The beginning; my journey through P90X.

After starting this program and fully committing myself to the X, the first week was like a roller coaster ride for me. I was out traveling to WA State for work. I brought my DVD's and bands with me and was very eager to get started. I had been a "lurker" on the boards for a couple weeks looking at what other people have done and achieved from P90X. I was truly inspired by what I read and saw. After really reading into my coach’s transformation and what Josh had accomplished I knew that he had a similar starting point to me. At that point I decided to contact him and through a few conversations he had really got my motivated to achieve my goals with P90X. That’s when I decided to ask him to coach me through! It was one of the best decisions I have made because the support that he has given me and helped keep me motivated on those days I wanted to stop.

On my flight out to WA I could hardly wait to get to the hotel to start Day 1. I Started strong day 1, I felt nice and sore waking up on Day 2 to bring it with Plyometrics (Even know I was sore I was still to excited to let it stop me) Day 3 I was flying back from WA state to VA (long flight) When I got home it was Around 9:30PM and I had spent all day in the airport and the last thing on my Mind was to do shoulders/arms & AbripperX. Somehow I talked Myself into it, and got it done.

Then Day 4, I woke up tired and completely sore at this point! I opened up My book and saw that Day 4 was yoga... I sat there feeling like my fire had Gone out. Then I said screw it, it's not going to get itself done. So I grabbed The disc threw it in, and started... When I saw 1 1/2 hours come up for Completion time of yoga I felt like I’d rather walk across broken glass. I really Could not get into it, and wanted to stop the workout, I think I made it about 20-30 minutes through it, and I kept making up excuses why I didn't need to Do it and how I should just take the day off. So what did I do? I shut it off and Went to do what I thought would be more important in my day. (Granted I Was tired, but ultimately I was making up excuses) It ended up causing my Chain reaction to skip the following days legs/back & abripperX because Again, I thought I had to "busy" of a schedule to complete it. Looking back Now I wish I had not skipped it, but it was a learning curve for me. It's just Like what I use to do with all of my previous "work out / diet attempts" I'd be My own worst excuse and say well.... it wont' effect me if I skip just this once. But before I knew it, I would be back to old habits and could have chalked this up as another failed attempt.

When I skipped a workout on my first week I talked with my coach Josh (Spence8) & his coach Barbie about it, I really was so tempted to just quit and Start over another time. They both told me, "FORGET ABOUT IT. LEAVE IT BEHIND! Just think about the difference of just a couple days versus 90 days!" My skipped workout wasn't a major flaw but if I had not of Skipped that yoga or legs session the next time it came up I would of already Been versed with the moves and making some serious progress & ultimately I Probably wouldn't have complained about yoga as much as I did. I ended up Asking myself, "Just how committed to this am I?" I have proved To myself since those times that it's going to take my 110% effort to get were I want to be. I have my first weeks experience and used it to fuel my motivation, complete the X and exceed my goals. I learned that excuses won’t get me results!

Everyday I find myself more and more involved, how I think about what foods I’m going to eat, how I’m going to exercise, or even what I can do better today then yesterday. It's no longer even remotely a "hassle" for me to prepare my foods, P90X has made me WANT to prepare what I eat, or look at restaurant menus closer. I don't want to be that 300 lb guy sitting next to me at the restaurant. In fact I know I WON'T be.

I learned early on that taking photo's periodically as you progress throughout P90X is a helpful key to success. It not only helped keep my motivation high but lets you look back on what you won't let yourself become again. I use my photos to show others that it can be done. During phase 1 & towards the end of phase 2 eating clean and Sticking to my workout regiment I experienced some drastic weight reductions and muscle gains.

Since starting P90X my diet has changed so much! I've done workout Programs in the past with many failed attempts because I didn’t see any changes like I did with P90X, and I realize that my #1 problem is I never brought my fitness program To the kitchen. One of the hardest things to adapt to is making sure you prepare with your meals & snacks throughout the day to help you reduce any sudden temptations to eat junk. The message boards have helped keep me accountable with my workouts and there are so many people going through the same journey as you, the motivation that everyone provides helps keep my desire to push harder each day! The support you get is just amazing. What are you waiting for! Quit saying your going to start tomorrow, put that bag of Doritos down and let's bring it!

Day 90 Recap:
This truely was an experience that I wish I had started along time ago! Starting on Day 1 I never thought I would achieve the results I have, this has been one amazing journey, and i'll never turn back. Thank you Tony Horton & Beach Body for letting me prove to myself I could do it.

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