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Monday, January 26, 2009

Where's My Barbie, You Ask?

Dear Boys and Girls,

I think this is the longest stretch of time I've ever gone without blogging. "Is everything alright, Barbie?," you ask. Yes! Yes! I've just been super duper busy working on this thing called balance!

When I decided to limit my internet time to two hours a day a few weeks ago, oddly enough, I realized two very important things:

1.) I realized that--OMG!--I have so much work to do for my book. If I am to complete this book project, I have to make it a priority. The good news is that I have been working and focusing harder than I ever have. There's nothing like the sound of a clock ticking to make this girl work. I have two months to finish a certain project and I can hear the clock ticking very loudly! To my surprise, I think I'm kinda liking it! The bad news is that by the time the evening rolls around, my brain is so spent that I hardly have any energy to blog.

Answering my coachees' emails, posting on the Slim Spot, and supporting my team of coaches during my two hours of computer time have to take priority.

Please bear with me while I figure out a blogging schedule. Right now, I'm just trying to find my groove (I think I've got it!) with my research.

2.)I also realized that by spending so much time on the computer, I had been neglecting my 3Dimensional world! So, in an effort to remedy that, I am now part of a Mixed Martial Arts Class on Saturdays and a meditation class on Sunday. I'm also out more, just trying to be more social and live my best life possible!

As for my workouts? What about Chalean? Boys and girls, I cannot say enough about Chalean Extreme! I am LOVING my new program. I plan to take progress pictures this Wednesday. So stay tuned!

What can I say, change is hard. I am a work in progress, moving in the right direction. To pretend to be perfect is uninteresting and misleading.

Wow, I am feeling good tonight. Yup, we are always arriving.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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