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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Infomercial Update and Why I love BeachBody

Dear Boys and Girls,

Here's an update from BeachBody CEO Carl regarding the coaching infomercial that hit the airwaves last Friday.

Carl and the company's willingness to see things for what they are & to share that knowledge, as well as their steadfast determination to do what it takes to achieve the set goals are what make BeachBody such an exceptional company.

I really mean it when I say that I have no doubt that the infomercial and BeachBody will take the world by storm.

"Nothing happens but first a dream..." isn't that how the saying goes?

The dream has begun, kids! It's just a matter of time!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD


Dear Coach,

I have been working on the infomercial to promote the Beachbody® coaching business for almost two years.

I studied many of the top business opportunity infomercials for strategies and clues about how to communicate the message and generate response. I invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours of management and staff building the systems to support bringing Coaches in through the Beachbody door and assigning them to Coaches in the Beachbody Coach Network.

I wrote, produced, and directed the show in-house to maximize efficiency and control. I refined the production three times to narrow the focus, improve the compelling nature of the offer, and I even swapped out the hosts to put me in front of the camera to show I was so confident in the power of this opportunity that I wanted to tell the story personally.

This weekend came the first test: two years in the making, and almost seven months late in delivery, with high (but always realistic) hopes for a home run. And as we got the results throughout the weekend, it became clear that I have more work to do. This show is going to require the same effort as every other infomercial we have produced, including P90X®. It's going to take testing, tweaking, and time.

While this infomercial did not come out of the gates with home run numbers, the progress we made as a company and network to get prepared for this infomercial moved us so far forward, gave us so many new tools to work with, and opened up so many new doors, that to look at it in any way other than as a giant next step would be to actually consider failure an option. And it is not an option. This was just another move toward the greatest success and revolution in fitness and health history.

When I get on conference calls and ask people to forge ahead, to marshal their enthusiasm and promote the value of this proposition regardless of how many times they hear "No," I don't mean it for them and not for me. I mean it for us all—persistence pays off for everyone.

The concept of people supporting each other to get healthy and fit and reaping the financial rewards for doing so is a concept that will not be limited by any rejection—not even a multi-million dollar national TV test that is soft in initial response.

Success is the only option. And we have only just begun.

Revisions to the infomercial include featuring more Coaches, more success, 5- and 2-minute spots, as well as 60- and 30-second spots, short form, radio programming, and print ads. The opportunities to refine the message and achieve the results that will build the business are limitless, and the core business from which we are working has the resources to allow me to keep pushing, to keep trying, and to keep forging ahead. Success is the only option I will accept.

Watching the results this weekend forced me to exercise one of my most valuable characteristics: the ability to see reality, yet continue to find hope and the passion to persevere. I happened to read through a folder of memories my sister recently found at the bottom of a box in storage. In it was a letter from my Dad who was commending me for keeping a positive attitude in 9th grade, even though both the basketball and baseball teams I played on went completely winless, 0-17.

I watched my daughter experiment for hours with a tumbling mat we have in the basement. If she can stay at it, enjoying each failure and each lesson on her way to improvement, so can I. I watched my 8-month-old son pull himself up to stand, fall, and get right back up, more determined than before to find his legs. Clearly he was not willing to be deterred by anything on his way to success.

I watched as my Eagles fought from the bottom of the NFC East all the way to the NFC championship game, go down a gut-wrenching 24–6 at the half, then battle back to take the lead and come within a few plays of winning. Never once did they quit, even when everyone else had quit on them. They'll start next season with the same determination and drive.

How you respond to challenge is what defines life. To think that success requires anything less than fierce perseverance is to think there is a "comfort zone" where there is no resistance and no failure. There is no achievement inside the comfort zone, and I would suggest there is also little comfort. But when you do persevere, when you look back and see what you overcame to succeed, the success is that much sweeter.

Every product we sell at Beachbody is about achieving something great. This infomercial test is another example of that. And it is just the first test. We are reshaping the health and fitness industry, an industry that needs to empower more people to seize accountability for their own wellness. And we are recruiting people to help us promote that message and paying them handsomely.

The Beachbody Revolution truly has begun, and it's not just about the infomercial. This revolution is being led by you and nearly 16,000 other Coaches who share this message of real results and financial opportunity every day.

Of course, my part in that revolution is not just about this infomercial; it actually starts with walking the talk. I have exercised 11 days this year in my quest to reach 240 "red Xs" in WOWY® for 2009.

And now we have launched a direct marketing test to learn how we can spread the word that people helping people get healthy and fit is a revolutionary concept that can reward your health and prosperity. And as of this first of many tests, the drive will continue.

This revolution will succeed. SUCCESS is the only option. And our pursuit of national promotion and increased recruiting and awareness throughout the network will not waver.

Carl Daikeler, CEO Beachbody

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