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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chalean Extreme Results: We are Always Arriving

I just completed week 7 of Chalean Extreme. Woo Hoo! My results have me jumping for joy.

As someone on my message forum, Barbie's Slim Spot, pointed out, I can't give Chalean Extreme all the credit. That is so right. While I have been raving about Chalean (and believe me, the program is worthy of high praise), my progress is not the result of the past seven weeks. I have been bringing it since August 2007 with Slim in 6, Slim Series, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, Ten Minute Trainer, four or five (hybrid) rounds of P90X and P90X plus, and Tony's One on One videos.

Change is a process and to that process, let's add in a whole lot of learning, some overtraining, a few margaritas, and periods of boredom and fatigue.

So what exactly has Chalean done for me? First, I really needed a change. As much as I love P90X and all the other BeachBody programs, I just needed to do something different. Changing programs fueled my enthusiasm and made me want to bring it hard core! Secondly, Chalean Extreme's constant focus on the lower body allowed me to work on the part of my body that I most wanted to work on. It really is a fun and well-thought-out program.

But, truly, truly, truly, the key to my progress has been my diet. And even there I have had to go through a huge learning curve. I started doing carb manipulation about a month ago. On cardio days I take in 30% carb, 50% protein, and 20% fat. On resistance days, I up my carbs to 40%, while taking in 30% protein and 30% fat. Tracking my food intake with has been key. I must say, it's been a challenge to keep my fat percentage low and my protein portions high on cardio days.

After two weeks of being at 1400 calories per day, I started feeling fatigued and giving in to cravings for a few days. I had failed to listen to my body that was asking me to up my calories and to take it easy with the doubles. Yup, I hate to admit it, but I think I overdid it by adding in extra cardio on resistance days.

So, I have adjusted by upping my calories to about 1600-1700 per day and by only doing what is prescribed by the program. I am still feeling a bit too tired and am anxious to have my regular energy back, but this is what happens when I let my zeal get the best of me!

Oh, boys and girls, we are always arriving! I am a work in progress, moving in the right direction, mostly!

Bring it!
Barbie, PhD

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