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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Choices We Make

About once a week I receive a super duper nice and complimentary email or two from someone who has just come across my Barbie blog for the first time. While the compliment certainly does make me smile (I love my blog, too!!), what I feel is bitter sweet. In the past month and a half I have had to prioritize and make choices that will lead me closer to my primary goal: namely, the completion of my book. What this means is that by the time I am done with my responsibilities and priorities, I am left without an ounce of creativity for my beloved Barbie blog.

I realized early last month that I was running myself ragged trying to get it all done and there were areas of my life that were suffering because of it. At the rate I was going, my book project was going to remain just that, a project. While I'm saddened that I cannot update my blog as often as I'd like, I'm thrilled to report that I feel more balanced, happier, and productive than I ever have. I am making progress and I can finally say with confidence that I will complete this book!

No matter how busy life gets, I have committed to putting my fitness first by working out first thing in the morning. The "I'm too busy excuse" is what got me in trouble a while back and I'm not going there ever again. I am now in Phase II, Day 3 of Chalean Extreme and loving the results!

This is Day 1, post holiday season:

Here is my day 28 picture. Day by day, I am getting closer to where I want to be!

My decreased presence on my blog does not mean that I am any less committed to myself, to the people that I coach, and to helping my coaching team grow.

I am leading by example.

Oh, yes, we are the choices we make and I am already reaping the benefits.

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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