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Friday, February 13, 2009

Hungry, Hungry Hippo? Up Your Cals!

One thing I've learned during this journey is that my caloric needs will vary. I have, I hope, finally learned to listen to my body when it's telling me it needs more food.

Back in October 2008, when I decided to (once again) really clean up my eating, I was at about 1400 calories per day. It was a good number for me. I leaned out and had plenty of energy and strength throughout the day...for about three weeks.

Then one evening, I couldn't resist eating a giant chicken-coconut-curry dish, truly big enough to feed a family of four. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but really, I ate enough for two that day. Then later that week, a friend and I ate half a pizza. Boys and girls, when it comes to food, I have self-control. But, here, I just couldn't help myself!

So, I did some soul, or rather, tummy searching. I realized that I was craving because I wasn't getting enough calories. My workouts had revved up my metabolism and I hadn't adjusted my caloric intake. As a result, I became a hungry, hungry hippo!

I felt the beginnings of it yesterday. I woke up hungry! I was supposed to do a 30% carb, 50% protein, and 20% fat day, but my body just wanted carbs. It wanted bread (whole wheat or not), it wanted chocolate, it wanted cookies, it wanted cheese (not a carb)...It just wanted food!

From my experience as a coach, I've seen that this is where people get discouraged and begin the negative self talk. This is where they binge and eventually abandon ship...until they're ready to get back on the wagon again.

What I've found is that, in most cases, folks just need to up their calories. Truly, this often solves the hungry hippo dilemma.

So, Barbie's back at it. Yesterday was not a disaster, but it wasn't a super duper duper clean eating day. We'll call it a learning day. I think I like the sound of it.

I'll aim for 1600 calories and see how it goes. You can follow my food journal at the following site:

Boys and girls, the road to fitness and the best you isn't always easy and linear. It's going to require some adjusting and tweaking. Trust me, it's worth it. I am getting fitter by the day, I can feel it!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD

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