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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Open Doors

Dear Boys and Girls,

This morning I posted the above picture on facebook. Looking at the pictures sides by side, I could hardly believe it. How had I let myself get to that point? Yea, okay, I wasn't obese. People seem to like to point that out. Fine, agreed. But, I wasn't exactly the picture of shining health and beauty either! Perhaps most importantly, I just wasn't happy with the way I felt.

I looked kinda mushy, and I can definitely tell you that I felt kinda mushy.

So much has changed since I began my journey on July 30th, 2007. Not only am I the fittest I have ever been (and yes, believe me when I tell you, I am only getting better), but I am also the happiest.

Not only did BeachBody help me get my groove back physically, but it has also helped me become the leader I have always known I could be. We are always arriving. Yes, my best me has just begun to shine through.

I've always been driven. I wouldn't have made it through a zillion years of graduate school without that drive. But, transforming my body the way I have and enjoying the benefits that come with being physically fit--tons of energy, improved self-confidence, and a sense of general well being--have allowed me to really go after my dreams.

If you were to come over, you'd see that I'm a simple person. Well, no, I'm not simple, I'm just not materialistic. Money isn't what drives me is what I'm trying to say. What drives me is the feeling of satisfaction that I am spending my life in worthwhile pursuits. Teaching and coaching, it feels like the perfect combination for me. I feel happy helping others while also helping myself.

While I'm not driven by money (Um, if I were, I would have not chosen teaching), I can tell you that not having to worry about money is nice. It's really nice. I just viewed the latest episode of BeachBody Network News below and couldn't agree more with what Tony Barca said: BeachBody allows you to help other people while helping you live the life you want to live, both financially and physically. He didn't say exactly that, but that's what I got from it.

There is an example of someone whose life has changed because of BeachBody and who is now helping to change the lives of others. I am doing the same.

For those of you who feel stuck in your day jobs, who want an extra source of income, who want a more meaningful life, you really might want to consider coaching. It's an opportunity that I'm glad I said yes to.

For more info, go to

I'd be happy to answer any of your questions.

I'm so looking forward to the BeachBody Business Opportunity Event on Saturday. More lives are about to take a turn for the better and I get to be a part of that.

Ain't that something!

Bring it!

Barbie, PhD


Annie said...

Hi Barbie,

You are my inspiration. For the last 4 months, I've been stuck in the same decade, going back and forth between 148 - 143 pounds and I am getting frustrated! I just started P90X a week ago after doing CLX but it's so discouraging! Any advice on how to move on with plateaus? I've hit them before but not for 4 months! I do take measurments and only weigh myself once a week but 4 months?!?! What can I do to move the scale again? Eating wise I'm following P90X's portion approach plan to a T.

You're simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

Thank YOU!! :)

Well, it might encourage you to know that it took me ONE YEAR to lose 2 lbs and over a year and a half to lose an inch off my waist. So, I hear you.

But I have a few thoughts:

1. If you are eating CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN then your body should be changing even if the scale is not moving and the tape measure is not showing change.

2. If you DON"T SEE any change, I mean reallllly, then you really need to look at your eating.

LOOK AT MY POSTS ON CARB MANIPULATION. That made me drop 5 lbs in what felt like all of a sudden. But, it's just that I broke the plateau.

And track your meals:

Again, take this bull by the horns and track your food. Do carb manipulation.

You really can't go wrong!!

Barbie :)

dianemary126 said...

Hey Barbie!

What a great post!

I love your before & after...every time I see it, i get so re-motivated!

I have to get my eating back in gear- it's been terrible lately & my results are suffering because of it!

It's so true (and unfair!) that eating really is 80% of the equation!

have a great day =)


Anonymous said...

Diane, get with it, girl!!! remember how great it feels to be fit! MONDAY is tomorrow! Clean eating!! Heart yoU!